Robert Low : The Lion at Bay


So who is Robert Low (in his own words)

I am the wrong side of older and I have been a journalist and writer since the age of 17.

At 19, I went to Vietnam on spec to try and cover the war in the firm belief that I could not be any sort of writer until, as Hemingway put it, I had been as drunk as could be, suffered a broken heart and experienced war. Naturally at 19, I believed I had the first two under my belt and just needed the third. After 18 months of it, I swore I would never do anything as stupid ever again.

Since then, I have earned a living as a writer safely in Scotland, with occasional lapses of judgement taking me to Sarajevo, Romania Albania and Kosovo, in a desperate attempt to salve my conscience and prove that I am, still, a real journalist and not a tabloid nithing. Happily, there I found enough wannabes with too much sense to risk themselves who’d hire me to do their job for them.

Then, to satisfy a craving for action and couple it to an obsession with ancient warfare, I took up riding, taught myself horse archery and, latterly – having moved to an area rich in Viking tradition – took up re-enactment, joining The Vikings group. I still turn out with sword and shield, in a variety of guises from Norse trader to Pictish chieftain to wise and ancient Hospitaller.

The Oathsworn Series began in 2007 and runs to four titles: The Whale Road, The Wolf Sea, The White Raven and The Prow Beast, all available from HarperCollins

The Kingdom Series, which I am writing now, deals with the Scottish Wars of Independence – the era of Wallace, Bruce and Edward Longshanks. It has begun with the publication of The Lion Wakes and continues with……

Review: The Lion at Bay

As with book one im left speechless by the excellent writing of Robert Low, his obvious passion and love of the subject matter come across in ever page and every character, im quite jealous of the fact that he has obviously spent the last couple of years doing something he loves for a living, it must have almost seemed effortless.. (git).
The bit i have at the start and im sure other reader might struggle with is the Scottish “brogue”, i found a similar experience with Julain Stockwins Kydd series, but if you give yourself over to it you find that you can make that mental switch and soon you find yourself thinking in the same “brogue” just for fun…or maybe that’s just me? As Lows books go and his character go i still think the Oathsworn is his best work, but the Bruce series is so well written and the plot so well constructed that it will be hard for any one to not love it. Yes there are some Historical tweaks, but that’s par for the course, this is FICTION, not a text book, and the flow is more important at times than the facts. As long as the story transports you to the time, and the period costume is right and the description of the locations is spot on so that you are not sat at home reading a book, you are there in the thick of it at the shoulder of the hero & villains, then that’s a good book…and thats just what this book does.
Excellent work Mr Low.
Highly Recommended (Parm)
Product Description (From back of book) A NATION WILL FIGHT FOR ITS FREEDOM.
Scotland in turmoil. Robert Low at his best.
William Wallace fled to France after his defeat at the Battle of Falkirk, which ended his rebellion against the English King. He would have been slain at Falkirk but for the courage of Hal of Herdmanston, whose home was razed in reprisal by King Edward – but who has become a follower of the Earl of Carrick, known as the Bruce, now a friend of the English.
The Bruce is playing a dangerous game in submitting to Edward since his own ambition, fostered by his auld reprobate grandfather, is to be the King of Scotland. But bitter rivalry amongst the Scots nobility is as grave an obstacle to its independence as the forces of the English Edward Longshanks, and the Bruce has powerful rivals.
Wallace has returned home, though he still faces betrayal from his own. His loyalty is to the previous king, John Baliol, a prisoner of the Pope. Knights Templar, Cathar heretics, and a Curse laid on the Bruce’s family all conspire against Robert, as well as Edward’s forces. Murder and treachery will be crucial weapons in the long and bloody rise of the Bruce to his coronation.

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