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So, every year it seems that i find more books and authors worth buying, and even being lucky as i am to get review copies of books i still always buy a signed 1st HB of every book, its why im in so much bother with the wife..

I like to try and plan ahead in the idea i will limit my buying to the best…but i know i will get them all. Some of it is a reminder of what is out when, and some what to go cap in hand for to the lovely publicity people for and when (grin).

So to save you all time and to get some great covers on display early…here you are to share my pain…..

June 2012


Pre-Order signed from Goldsboro Books

The Imperial Banner (2012)
(The second book in the Agent of Rome series)
A novel by Nick Brown

Publisher: Hodder Stoughton (7 Jun 2012)

272 AD

The Roman Emperor Aurelian has defeated Queen Zenobia and crushed the Palmyran revolt, but now dark forces threaten a fragile peace.

Faridun’s Banner, hallowed battle standard of the Persian Empire, has fallen into Roman hands and is to be returned to the Persians as part of a crucial peace treaty. But on the eve of the signing the banner is stolen.

Recalled toSyria, imperial agent Cassius Corbulo is charged with recovering the flag. Accompanied by his faithful servant Simo and ex-gladiator bodyguard Indavara, Cassius must journey across the dangerous Syrian desert to the equally perilous streets ofAntioch. He and his companions face ruthless brigands, mysterious cults, merciless assassins and intrigue at every turn. The hunt is on!


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Whispers Under Ground (Rivers of London 3)

Ben Aaronovitch

Publisher: Gollancz; Hardback edition (21 Jun 2012)

Product Description

Doctor Who Screenwriter Ben Aaronovitch’s superbly entertaining supernatural crime series has, with its witty one-liners and wonderfully erudite take on London, won a legion of fans in double quick time.

Peter Grant is learning magic fast. And its just as well – he’s already had run ins with the deadly supernatural children of the Thames and a terrifying killer inSoho. Progression in the Police Force is less easy. Especially when you work in a department of two. A department that doesn’t even officially exist. A department that if you did describe it to most people would get you laughed at. And then there’s his love life. The last person he fell for ended up seriously dead. It wasn’t his fault, but still.

Now something horrible is happening in the labyrinth of tunnels that make up the tube system that honeycombs the ancient foundations ofLondon. And delays on the Northern line is the very least of it. Time to call in the Met’s Economic and Specialist Crime Unit 9, aka ‘The Folly’. Time to call in PC Peter Grant, Britains Last Wizard.


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The Last Caesar Author: Henry Venmore-Rowland

Published by: Bantam Press

Date Available: 21 June 2012



AD 68. The tyrant emperor Nero has no son and no heir.

Suddenly there’s the very real possibility thatRomemight become a republic once more. But the ambitions of a few are about to bring corruption, chaos and untold bloodshed to the many.

Among them is a hero of the campaign against Boudicca, Aulus Caecina Severus. Caught up in a conspiracy to overthrow Caesar’s dynasty, he commits treason, raises a rebellion, faces torture and intrigue – all supposedly for the good ofRome. The boundary between the good of Rome and self preservation is far from clear, and keeping to the dangerous path he’s chosen requires all Severus’ skills as a cunning soldier and increasingly deft politician.

And so Severus looks back on the dark and dangerous time history knows as the Year of the Four Emperors, and the part he played – for good or ill – in plunging the mightyRoman empireinto anarchy and civil war…


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Lord of Slaughter [Hardcover]

M.D. Lachlan

Publisher: Gollancz; Hardback edition (28 Jun 2012)

Product Description

On a battlefield strewn with corpses, a ragged figure, dressed in wolfskin and intent on death, slips past the guards into the tent of the Emperor and draws his sword. The terrified citizens of Constantinopleare plagued by mysterious sorcery. The wolves outside the city are howling. A young boy had traded the lives of his family for power. And a Christian scholar, fleeing with his pregnant wife from her enraged father, must track down the magic threatening his world. All paths lead to the squalid and filthy prison deep below the city, where a man who believes he is a wolf lies chained, and the spirits of the dead are waking. The Norsemen camped outside the city have their own legends, of the wolf who will kill the gods, but no true Christian could believe such a thing. And yet it is clear to Loys that Ragnarok is coming. Will he be prepared to sacrifice his life, his position, his wife and his unborn child for a god he doesn’t believe in? And deep in the earth, the wolfman howls…


Duty Calls:BattleofBritain[Paperback]

James Holland

Publisher: Puffin (7 Jun 2012)

Product Description

Pilot officer Archie Jackson, 19, is in control of the RAF’s newest fighter aircraft, a Supermarine Spitfire.

Now he has the Luftwaffe in his sights and only one thing matters: defendingBritain.

Suddenly planes are falling from the sky, exploding and spiralling into theEnglish Channel.

Francehas fallen and the swastika flies over Occupied Europe. Only these young pilots – barely out of boyhood – stand betweenBritainand a Nazi invasion . . .

Duty Calls: Battle of Britain, throws you deep into the heart – and horror – of Britain’s darkest, and finest


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July 2012

Warlord (Outlaw 4) [Hardcover]

Angus Donald

Publisher: Sphere (19 July 2012)

Product Description

May 1194. Finally released from captivity, Richard the Lionheart is inNormandyengaged in a bloody war to drive the French out of his continental patrimony. Using the brutal tactics of medieval warfare – siege, savagery and scorched earth – the Lionheart is gradually pushing back the forces of King Philip ofFrance. By his side in this epic struggle are Robert, Earl of Locksley, better known as the erstwhile outlaw Robin Hood, and Sir Alan Dale, his loyal friend, and a musician and warrior of great skill and renown.

But while the battles rage and the bodies pile up, Robin seems only to be interested in making a profit from the devastation of war, while Alan is preoccupied with discovering the identity the man who ordered his father’s death ten years earlier – and the mystery is leading him towards to Paris, deep in the heart of the enemy’s territory …


Pre-Order signed from Goldsboro Books–the-devils-army-3143.html

Hereward: The Devil’s Army [Hardcover]

James Wilde

Publisher: Bantam Press (19 July 2012)

Product Description

1067. The battle ofHastingshas been lost; Harold Godwinsson is dead. The iron fist of William the Bastard has begun to squeeze the life out ofEngland. Villages are torched and men, women and children put to the sword as the Norman king attempts to impose his cruel will upon this unruly nation.

But there is one who stands in the way of the invader’s savagery. He is called Hereward. He is a warrior and master tactician and as adept at slaughter as the imposter who sits upon the throne. And he isEngland’s last hope.

In a Fenlands fortress of water and wild wood, Hereward’s resistance is simmering.

His army of outcasts grows by the day – a devil’s army that emerges out of the mists and the night, leaving death in its wake.

But William is not easily cowed. Under the command of his ruthless deputy, Ivo Taillebois – the man they call ‘the Butcher’ – the Norman forces will do whatever it takes to crush the rebels, even if it means razing England to the ground.

Here then is the tale of the bloodiest rebellionEnglandhas ever known – the beginning of an epic struggle that will echo down the years…


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The Flag of Freedom (2012)
(The fifth book in the Nathan Peake series)
A novel by Seth Hunter

     Publisher: Headline Review (5 July 2012)

1797:Britainstands alone against the forces of Revolutionary France. A victorious French Army, led by the youthful Napoleon Bonaparte, is poised to invadeBritain. And in his country’s darkest hour, Captain Nathan Peake finds himself imprisoned by his own side on the Rock of Gibraltar – charged with treason. To prove his innocence Nathan must uncover the great deception that masks the French war aims. Is the great armada being assembled inToulonbound for the shores ofGreat Britain- orEgypt? His secret mission to discover the truth about Napoleon’s invasion plans will hurl him into two of the greatest battles of the 18th century.


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Warrior ofRome: The Wolves of the North (Warrior ofRome5) [Hardcover]

Harry Sidebottom

Publisher: Michael Joseph (5 July 2012)

Product Description

In the fifth novel in Harry Sidebottom’s acclaimed and bestselling Warrior of Rome historical fiction series, Ballista returns in Warrior of Rome: The Wolves of the North to undertake yet another epic mission – while theRoman Empire reels in chaos around him.

AD 263 – theRoman Empireis close to turmoil, violent uprising threatening to shatter the fragile balance of power.

In the north, the tribes are increasingly bold in their raids on the Imperium – their savagery unlike anything Rome has known before. Ballista must undertake his most treacherous journey yet – a covert attempt to turn the barbarians against each other. He must face the Heruli – the Eaters of Flesh, the Wolves of the North – the most brutal tribe of them all. As Ballista and his retinue make their journey, someone – or something – is hunting them, picking them off one by one, and leaving a trail of mutilated corpses and terror.

Ballista is in a strange land, among strange people, but is it possible that the greatest threat may come from within his own familia?

Harry Sidebottom’s Warrior of Rome: The Wolves of the North is a nail-biting, action packed epic tale of rebellion and terror set in theRoman Empire.

‘A book to keep you up well past your bedtime’ Evening Standard

‘Blazes with searing scholarship’ The Times

Dr Harry Sidebottom is a Fellow of St Benet’s Hall and lecturer at LincolnCollege, Oxford- where he specializes in ancient warfare and classical art. His previous books in the Warrior of Rome series, Fire in the East, King of Kings, Lion of the Sun and The Caspian Gates have all been bestsellers and are all published by Penguin.


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Blood Diamond (2012)
(The third book in the Pirate Devlin series)
A novel by Mark Keating

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (19 July 2012)

Each Devlin novel is a standalone adventure. In BLOOD DIAMOND the fearles pirate captain Devlin is invited to London by the Prince of Wales, no less, and offered an amnesty if he will carry out a daring crime. Devlin is tasked with going toParisto steal the biggest, most valuable diamond ever found – the Pitt Diamond – now in the possession of the French Prince Regent. Set against the unsure frenzy of speculation known as the South Sea Bubble, with action and suspense on the filthy streets and great palaces of London and Paris, not to mention an epic confrontation with the French navy in the English Channel, BLOOD DIAMOND is sthe most exciting novel yet in the Devlin series.


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Clash of Empires: TheRed Sea(Clash of Empires 2)

William Napier

Publisher: Orion; Hardback edition (5 July 2012)

Product Description

TheMediterranean, 1571. For hundreds of years theOttoman Empirehas ruled the seas. But the seas are only a gateway to the lands they covet beyond.The armies of the Turk are picking off colonies and small islands, and if theMediterraneanfalls, then finally perhaps the balance of power between crescent and cross will tip…

It has been a momentous summer – armies assembling,Cyprusbesieged and men flayed alive, their bodies displayed as trophies on opposing galleys. Now, as the sun rises on one October day, history will be written in blood.

Five hours will shape history. Countries all over western Europe have sent ships and men. Caught up in it are Hodge and Ingoldsby – two young British soldiers who have survived the siege ofMaltaand are already living on borrowed time. Now, it seems the debt must be repaid…


August 2012


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Avenger ofRome(Gaius Valerius Verrens 3) [Hardcover]

Douglas Jackson

Publisher: Bantam Press (16 Aug 2012)

Product Description

“A master of his discipline rightly hailed as one of the best historical novelists writing today.”
–“Daily Express”
” ”
Rome, summer 66AD and Nero’s agents mercilessly hunt down the last survivors of the Piso Conspiracy. Yet, despite purging this viper’s nest with fire and iron, the increasingly unstable young Emperor feels his grip on power weakening. In Judaea, rebels have bested his army and taken an eagle, in Germania, the Rhenus legions agitate for better conditions. In Hispana, his governor plots. But the most dangerous threat is in the east where Rome’s greatest general, Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo, presides over an Empire within an Empire. Is Corbulo preparing to march against Rome and take the purple?
Gaius Valerius Verrens, Hero of Rome, is ordered to Antioch with the power of life and death over the soldier he worships. There he finds every man’s hand against him and Corbulo’s eyes not on Rome, but on a new threat from the Parthian King of Kings, Vologases. Outnumbered, Corbulo marches with Valerius at his side into the barren wastes beyond the Tigris, to meet Vologases in a mighty confrontation that will decide the future of the Empire.
In Avenger of Rome, Valerius will face his greatest enemy and his greatest challenge, but neither will be what he believes.


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Renegade (Insurrection Trilogy 2) [Hardcover]

Robyn Young

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (30 Aug 2012)

Product Description


King Edward of England marches on Scotland like an avenging tide. One man alone can thwart his ambition to rule all of Britain. Robert Bruce’s veins run with the blood of kings, and he burns to fulfil his family’s claim to the throne of Scotland.

But on the run through the wilds of Ireland, hunted by a relentless assassin, Robert seems a long way from achieving his destiny. And there are other eyes on Scotland’s crown, and old enemies gather against him.

This is a game of conquest, power and treachery, and Robert finds that to survive he must first abandon everything he holds dear. He was always prepared to die on the battlefield – but what else must he sacrifice to keep his hopes alive?


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Hunter’s Rage (Civil War Chronicles)

Michael Arnold

Publisher: John Murray (2 Aug 2012)

Product Description

Posted to the hostile territoryof Dartmoor, Captain Innocent Stryker and his men are attacked by an elite cavalry unit commanded by the formidable Colonel Gabriel Wild and suffer heavy losses. Stryker has already clashed once with Wild, and the Roundhead has sworn to seek his revenge. After the attack, Stryker is faced with the annihilation of his company as he is hounded across the moor, eventually seeking shelter on an isolated tor populared by an enigmatic former priest who harbours no love for the King’s cause. Colonel Wild is assisted in his revenge by Osmyn Hogg, Parliamentarian Witchfinder, who shares his own deadly history with Stryker. To save his honour and his life, Stryker must lead his men to glory from the protection of the lonely granite-topped hill. Into this atmosphere of intrigue and danger comes the beautiful but mysterious Cecily Cade. Stryker comes to her aid, unaware that she carries with her special knowledge that may prove the key to Royalist victory.
The battle between Stryker and his old foes takes him from the bleak isolation of Dartmoor, through the war-ravaged lands of southernEngland and finally to Stratton, where the bloody battle betweenCornwall andDevon will decide the fate of the south-west


TimeRiders: City ofShadows(Book 6) [Paperback]

Alex Scarrow

Publisher: Puffin (2 Aug 2012)

Liam O’Connor should have died at sea in 1912.

Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in 2010.

Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in 2026.

But all three have been given a second chance – to work for an agency that no one knows exists. Its purpose: to prevent time travel destroying history . . .

Hunted by cyborg assassins from the future, the TimeRiders must abandonNew York and go on the run. They escape to Victorian London and the streets where Jack the Ripper roams. But, before they can establish their new base, they make their most shattering discovery yet – and it will change everything . . .



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King of Thorns (2012)
(The second book in the Broken Empire series)
A novel by Mark Lawrence

Publisher: Harper Voyager (16 Aug 2012) 

The second book in the Broken Empire series, Lawrence takes his young anti-hero one step closer to his grand ambition.

To reach greatness you must step on bodies, and many brothers lie trodden in my wake. I’ve walked from pawn to player and I’ll win this game of ours, though the cost of it may drown the world in blood…

The land burns with the fires of a hundred battles as lords and petty kings fight for the Broken Empire. The long road to avenge the slaughter of his mother and brother has shown Prince Honorous Jorg Ancrath the hidden hands behind this endless war. He saw the game and vowed to sweep the board. First though he must gather his own pieces, learn the rules of play, and discover how to break them.

A six nation army, twenty thousand strong, marches toward Jorg’s gates, led by a champion beloved of the people. Every decent man prays this shining hero will unite the empire and heal its wounds. Every omen says he will. Every good king knows to bend the knee in the face of overwhelming odds, if only to save their people and their lands. But King Jorg is not a good king.

Faced by an enemy many times his strength Jorg knows that he cannot win a fair fight. But playing fair

was never part of Jorg’s game plan.


The Black Mausoleum (Memory of Flames 4)

Stephen Deas

Publisher: Gollancz; Hardback edition (16 Aug 2012)

Product Description

Two years have passed since the events of the Order of the Scales. Across the realms, dragons are still hatching. Hatching, and hatching free. Skorl is an Ember, a soldier trained from birth to fight dragons. He is a living weapon, one-shot only, saturated with enough dragon-poison to bring down a monster all on his own. Misanthrope, violent and a drunk, to fulfil his purpose and slay a dragon, means to be eaten. Now Skorl has a choice: he can hang for his crimes, or he can go with the last of the Adamantine Men, fighting against an enemy he was born to face. Rat is an Outsider. He’s on the run and he¿s stumbled onto something that’s going to make him rich beyond all his dreams. It¿s just a shame that the end of the world has started without him. Kataros is an alchemist, one of the order responsible for keeping the dragons in check. One of the order that has just failed, and disastrously so. Two men, one woman. One chance to save the world from a storm of dragons . . .

September 2012


Signed: I hope to have a signed Limited edition of this one in (keep your fingers crossed)

The Red Knight

Miles Cameron

Publisher: Gollancz; Hardback edition (20 Sep 2012)

Product Description

This is a world dominated by The Wild. Man lives in pockets of civilisation claimed from The Wild. Within men’s walls life is civilised, the peace punctuated by tournaments, politicking, courtly love and canny business. Beyond those walls men are prey – vulnerable to the exceptionally powerful and dangerous creatures which populate the land, and even more vulnerable to those creatures schemes. So when one of those creatures breaks out of The Wild and begins preying on people in their homes, it takes a specialist to hunt it down or drive it out …and even then, it’s a long, difficult and extremely dangerous job. The Black Captain and his men are one such group of specialists. They have no idea what they’re about to face …Forget George and the Dragon. Forget Sir Lancelot and tales of Knightly exploits. This is dirty, bloody work. This is violent, visceral action. This is a mercenary knight as you’ve never seen one before.


Signed: I hope to have a signed Limited edition of this one in

Poseidon’s Spear (Long War 3) [Hardcover]

Christian Cameron

Publisher: Orion; Hardback edition (13 Sep 2012)

Product Description

The third instalment in the epic story of Arimnestos, tracing the conflict between the Greeks and



Pre-Oder Signed copy from Goldsboro


Crowbone (Oathsworn #5)

byRobert Low

Publisher: HarperCollins (13 Sep 2012)

The long awaited return to Robert Low’sOathswornseriesIslandof Mann, 979AD. A man lies dying with a message he cannot take to his grave, a sworn secret that must be passed on only to Olaf Tryggvasson, kin of Harald Fairhair of the Yngling line and true prince ofNorway, also known as Crowbone. When the message finally arrives, so begins a quest to discover its meaning, and for Crowbone to gain what is rightfully his: the crown ofNorway. With a band of Chosen Men, Crowbone begins an unforgiving journey that will see him face the challenge of new enemies and confront his suspicions of treachery from old friends. Looming over all is his ultimate rival; Gunnhild, the Witch Mother of Kings, Crowbone’s arch-enemy who will stop at nothing to prevent him from knowing what and where this secret is. In the fifth installment of his Oathsworn series, Robert Low is back to his full-blooded Viking best, this time visiting the harsh terrain of theNorth Seacoast, in a tale about one man’s quest for survival and the unexpected alliances that emerge, as the very bonds that tie the Oathsworn together are put to the test


The Night of the Swarm (2012)
(The fourth book in the Chathrand Voyage series)
A novel by Robert V S Redick

Publisher: Gollancz; Hardback edition (27 Sep 2012)

In the gripping sequel to Robert V. S. Redick’s acclaimed epic fantasy novels The Red Wolf Conspiracy and The Ruling Sea, the crew of the vast, ancient ship Chathrand have reached the shores of the legendary southern empire of Bali Adro. Many have died in the crossing, and the alliance of rebels, led by the tarboy Pazel Pathkendle and the warrior Thasha Isiq, has faced death, betrayal, and darkest magic. But nothing has prepared them for the radically altered face of humanity in the South.

They have little time to recover from the shock, however. For with landfall, the battle between the rebels and centuries-old sorcerer Arunis enters its final phase. At stake is control of the Nilstone, a cursed relic that promises unlimited power to whoever unlocks the secrets of its use – but death to those who fail. And no one is closer to mastering the Stone than Arunis.

Desperate to stop him, Pazel and Thasha must join forces with their enemies, including the depraved Captain Rose and the imperial assassin Sandor Ott. But when a suspicious young crewmember turns his attentions to Thasha, it is the young lovers themselves who are divided – most conveniently for Arunis. As the mage’s triumph draws near, the allies face a terrible choice: to break their oaths and run for safety, or to hunt the world’s most dangerous sorcerer through the strange and deadly dream kingdom known as the River of Shadows, and to face him a last time among the traps and horrors of his lair.

Brimming with high adventure, dark enchantment, and unforgettable characters, The River of Shadows deftly secures Redick’s place in the ranks of epic fantasy’s most original and enthralling storytellers.


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The Splintered Kingdom [Hardcover]

James Aitcheson

Publisher: Preface Publishing (13 Sep 2012)

Product Description

The story begins on the Welsh Marches, where Tancred has been given land by his new lord, Robert Malet, in return for his services in the battle forYork. Now a lord in his own right, he has knights of his own to command and a manor to call home. But all is far from peaceful. The Welsh are joining forces with the English against theNormansand when skirmishes turn into a full scale battle atShrewsbury, Tancred is betrayed by a rival border lord and taken prisoner by the Welsh. Meanwhile the woman he loves is taken hostage by enemy English forces and the Vikings invade the east coast. Never has Tancred faced a more impossible situation.


Pre-Order from Goldsboro

Send Me Safely Back Again (Napoleonic War 3)

Adrian Goldsworthy

Publisher: W&N; Hardback edition (9 Aug 2012)

Product Description

The third novel in the series sees new challenges for the men of the 106th Foot, as the British army attempts to recover from the disaster of Corunna and establish a foothold in thePeninsula. Featuring the battles ofMedellinand Talavera, the 106th will have their mettle severely tested on the battlefield. But if Napoleon is to be ejected fromSpain, war must also be waged in more covert ways. For Hanley, the former artist who is a more natural observer than fighter, the opportunity to become an ‘exploring officer’ leads him into even more dangerous territory, the murky world of politics and partisans. And while Ensign Williams seeks to uncover the identity of the mysterious ‘Heroine of Saragossa’, a conspiracy of revenge within the regiment itself threatens to destroy him before he’s even faced a shot from the French


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Not Yet Listed TBC

Spartacus: Rebellion (Spartacus 2) [Hardcover]

Ben Kane

Publisher: Preface Publishing (16 Aug 2012)

Product Description

The mighty slave army, led by Spartacus, has carried all before it, scattering the legions ofRome. Three praetors, two consuls and one proconsul have been defeated. Spartacus seems invincible as he marches towards theAlpsand freedom.

But storm clouds are massing on the horizon. Crixus theGauldefects, taking all his men with him. Crassus, the richest man inRome, begins to raise a formidable army, tasked specifically with the defeat of Spartacus. And within the slave army itself, there are murmurings of dissent and rebellion.

Spartacus, on the brink of glory, must make a crucial decision – to go forward over the Alps to freedom, or back to face the might ofRomeand try to break its stranglehold on power forever.

October 2012



The Wolf’s Gold (Empire) [Hardcover]

Anthony Riches

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (25 Oct 2012)

Product Description

The Tungrian auxiliary cohorts march east to the land beyond the Danubeto guard a frontier which turns out to be as dangerous and lawless as northern Britannia in Anthony Riches’ suspenseful new Empire novel.

Fresh from their victory in Germania, Marcus Aquila and the Tungrians have been sent to Dacia, on the north-eastern edge of the Roman Empire, with the mission to safeguard a major source of imperial power.

The mines of Alburnus Major contain enough gold to pave the road to Rome. They would make a mighty prize for the marauding Sarmatae tribesmen who threaten the province, and the outnumbered auxiliaries are entrusted with their safety in the face of a barbarian invasion.

Beset by both the Sarmatian horde and more subtle threats offered by men who should be their comrades, the Tungrians must also come to terms with the danger posed by a new and unexpected enemy.

They will have to fight to the death to save the honour of the empire – and their own skins.



The Sword and the Scimitar (Siege ofMalta) [Hardcover]

Simon Scarrow

Publisher: Headline (25 Oct 2012)

1565; In its hour of greatest need,Maltamust rely upon the ancient Knights of the Order ofSt   Johnfor survival. Bound by the strongest ties: of valour, of courage and of passion, the Knights must defend their island against ferocious and deadly Ottoman attack. For Sir Thomas Barrett, summoned by the Order and compelled by loyalty – to the Knights, to his honour and to his Queen – returning to the besieged island means revisiting a past he had long since lain to rest. As the beleaguered Knights grapple to retain control, decade-old feuds will be reawakened, intense passions rekindled and deadly secrets revealed.


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Betrayal [Hardcover]

Julian Stockwin

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (11 Oct 2012

CapeColonyis proving a tiresome assignment for Thomas Kydd’s daring commander-in-chief Commodore Popham: South America’s Spanish colonies are in a ferment of popular unrest. Rumors of a treasure hoard of Spanish silver spur him to assemble a makeshift invasion fleet and launch a bold attack on the capital of the Viceroyalty of the River Plate in Buenos Aires. Navigating the treacherous bars and mud flats of the river, the British invasion force wins a battle against improbable odds, taking the capital and the silver. But the uprising that promises the end of Spanish rule never arrives and the locals begin to see dark conspiracies behind the invader’s actions. Now Kydd’s men must face resistance and the betrayal of their closest allies. Can they save themselves and their prize?


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Red Country (2012)
A novel by Joe Abercrombie

Publisher: Gollancz; Hardback edition (18 Oct 2012)

Shy South comes home to her farm to find a blackened shell, her brother and sister stolen, and knows she’ll have to go back to bad old ways if she’s ever to see them again. She sets off in pursuit with only her cowardly old step-father Lamb for company. But it turns out he’s hiding a bloody past of his own. None bloodier.

Their journey will take them across the lawless plains, to a frontier town gripped by gold fever, through feuds, duels, and massacres, high into unmapped mountains to a reckoning with ancient enemies, and force them into alliance with Nicomo Cosca, infamous soldier of fortune, a man no one should ever have to trust . . .


The Republic of Thieves (2011)
(The third book in the Gentleman Bastard series)
A novel by Scott Lynch

     Publisher: Gollancz; Hardback edition (18 Oct 2012)

After their adventures on the high seas, Locke and Jean are brought back to earth with a thump. Jean is mourning the loss of his lover and Locke must live with the fallout of crossing the all-powerful magical assassins the Bonds Magi. It is a fall-out that will pit both men against Locke’s own long lost love. Sabetha is Locke’s childhood sweetheart, the love of Locke’s life and now it is time for them to meet again. Employed on different sides of a vicious dispute between factions of the Bonds Sabetha has just one goal – to destroy Locke for ever. The Gentleman Bastard sequence has become a literary sensation in fantasy circles and now, with the third book, Scott Lynch is set to seal that success.

November 2012


Death or Glory III: Highroad to Hell [Paperback]

Michael Asher

Publisher: Penguin (8 Nov 2012)

Product Description

Part three in Death or Glory series, Highroad to Hell is Michael Asher’s latest Second World War adventure. With Asher’s insider knowledge of the SAS he brings to life the action of the battlefield in this fast-paced and compelling novel following Captain Tom Caine.

Tunisia 1943 – the Allies’ advance is halted by determined Axis forces. The 8th Army has no choice but to outflank the enemy along their impenetrable Mareth line in the hellish Matmata hills.

On a mission to safeguard this movement, Captain Tom Caine’s SAS patrol is diverted by a strange emergency signal that draws them to a derelict aircraft and a mysterious black box.

Besieged by a Nazi Death’s Head unit intent on retrieving the box and betrayed by a comrade who steals it, Caine must make a choice. Should he pursue the stolen object or stick to his original task and face almost certain death? The entire campaign rests on his decision.

Michael Asher’s third Death or Glory novel, Highroad to Hell, will have you gripped to the very last page.

Breathtaking bravery, astonishing feats of endurance, raids and battles described with terrific immediacy and pace. Compelling and definitive . . . will surely not be bettered – Sunday Telegraph

Detailed, scathingly honest. Asher has brought the critical eye of the knowledgeable insider to his in-depth study of SAS operations and personalities – Herald

Michael Asher has served in the Parachute Regiment and the SAS. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, and has won the Ness Award of the Royal Geographical Society and the Mungo Park Medal of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society for Exploration. The first two books in this series, The Last Commando and The Flaming Sword were also published by Penguin.


December 2012


The Skybound Sea[Hardcover]

Sam Sykes (Author)

Publisher: Gollancz; Hardback edition (27 Dec 2012)

Product Description

After the misadventures of the first two books Lenk and his companions must finally turn away from fighting each other and for their own survival and look to saving the entire human race. A terrible demon has risen from beneath the sea and where it came from thousands could follow. And all the while an alien race is planning the extinction of humanity. The third volume in the Aeon’s Gate trilogy widens the action out dramatically. TOME OF THE UNDERGATES was based mainly on a ship, BLACK HALO moved the action to an island of bones, THE SKYBOUND SEA takes us out into a world threatened with a uniquely imagined and terrifying apocalypse.

Jan 2013



Signed: I hope to have a signed Limited edition of this one in

Tyrant: Destroyer of Cities [Hardcover]

Christian Cameron

Publisher: Orion (17 Jan 2013)

Product Description

Demetrius, son of Alexander’s former comrade, Antigonus One-Eye, was perhaps the most dashing and charismatic of the Successors, the Macedonian generals who fought a bitter war for the spoils of Alexander’s short-lived empire. Still smarting from his epic defeat at the hands of Ptolemy, Demetrius has his eye on one of the richest prizes in the ancient world – the naval superpower ofRhodes. But the Rhodians know that defeat will mean annihilation, and Demetrius’s campagin will entail five separate naval battles over several years before he can begin to breach the city walls – leading him to employ an array of fantastic war machines: ancient super-weapons like his gigantic lens of polished bronze used to focus on the city’s wooden ramparts and set them ablaze. If she is to survive against such a merciless assault, Rhodes will need the help of every ally she can muster – including the newly crowned King of theBosporus, Satyrus, and his fiery twin, Melitta…

Feb 2013



The Siege [Hardcover]

Arturo Perez-Reverte

Publisher: W&N (14 Feb 2013)

Product Description

Cadiz, 1811.Spainis battling for independence whileAmericais doing the same. But in the streets of the most liberal city inEuropeother battles are taking place. A serial killer is on the loose, flaying young women to death. Each of these murders takes place near the site where a French bomb has just fallen. It is the job of policeman Rogelio Tizon to find the murderer and avoid public scandal in a city already posied on the brink. Cadiz is a complex chessboard on which an unseen hand – a ruthless assassin, artillery fire, the direction of the wind, the calculation of probabilities – moves the pieces that will decide the fate of its protagonists: a corrupt and brutal policeman, the female heir to important shipping company; an unscrupulous corsair captain; a sinister taxidermist who is also a spy, a hardened soldier, and an eccentric French artilleryman. THE SIEGE tells the story of a world that could have been but never was. It documents the end of an era and characters condemned by history to a life that will never be the same.

March 2013



The High Kingdom [Hardcover]

Pierre Pevel

Publisher: Gollancz; Hardback edition (21 Mar 2013)

Product Description

Pierre Pevel has written a fantasy Dumas novel, and now he’s bringing all the skills of a historical fantasy writer to an epic stage. In the wake of Martin and Gemmell, his new project charts a dynastic power struggle between three brothers. When the King dies his will, to everyone’s surprise, leaves the throne to the second of his three sons. It’s a surprising choice, and a worrying one as it coincides with a prophecy: that the succession will lead to war, chaos and the undoing of the entire nation. It’s something his eldest son can’t allow to happen …so he challenges his brother’s right to rule – as does the youngest son, with the full support of the Church behind him. But while the prophecy itself is clear, it’s not so clear which prince it’s referring to. Lorn knows which side he’s on: his King chose a sucessor, and Lorn is going to fight to the last to place him on the throne. Honouring that last wish is the right thing to do; Lorn is also fighting for his best friend and the man he believes should be king. But belief is one thing, victory in politics and war is another and the odds are against them. Worse: with every passing day the prophecies grow darker, and a land already torn by civil war is easy pickings for an invasion …

May 2013



Elves: Beyond the Mists of Katura [Hardcover]

James Barclay

Publisher: Gollancz (16 May 2013)



Signed: I hope to have a signed Limited edition of this one in

The Ill-Made Knight [Hardcover]

Christian Cameron

Publisher: Orion (16 May 2013)



Soldier of Crusade: Crusades, Book 2 [Hardcover]

Jack Ludlow

Publisher: Allison & Busby (15 Nov 2012)



The Blooding [Hardcover]

James McGee

Publisher: HarperCollins (28 Feb 2013)

Product Description

Hawkwood’s inAmericafor this gripping, action-packed follow up to the bestselling Ratcatcher – for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Conn Igulden and Patrick O’Brian 1812:Britainis at war with theUnited   States. Matthew Hawkwood, former soldier and spy, has unexpectedly arrived inAmerica. His plan is to head forCanadaand the sanctuary of the British lines. But when he gets toAlbany, headquarters of the American Northern Army, he spots a familiar face within a consignment of British prisoners — Major William Lawrence. As Hawkwood and Lawrence make their bid for freedom, they uncover a plan by the Americans to launch an invasion againstCanada. IfMontrealandQuebecfall into American hands, they will gain control of the entire continent. Hawkwood and Lawrence must pass the information to the British before it’s too late. First they must survive the journey through theAdirondack mountains, known as the Mohawk’s ‘Hunting Grounds’. But deep in Hawkwood’s past is an old alliance, one which could save both their lives andCanadafrom American rule!

September 2013



Signed: I hope to have a signed Limited edition of this one in

The Traitor Son Cycle Book 2 [Hardcover]

Miles Cameron

Publisher: Gollancz (19 Sep 2013)


Jan 2014



The Emperors Curse [Hardcover]

Andy McDermott

Publisher: Headline (16 Jan 2014)

Now im sure i have missed books, its murder trying to keep a comprehensive list, so please add comments if i have missed books, help me expend it…if one credit card burns so do they all !

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