James Douglas: The Isis Covenant

Who is James Douglas (AKA Douglas Jackson): (in his own words)

I was born in Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders in the summer of 1956. Educated at Parkside Primary School and Jedburgh Grammar School, I left three weeks before my 16th birthday with six O levels and no idea what I was going to do with the rest of my life.

Luckily, a friend worked in the local employment office and got me a place on a Youth Opportunities Scheme. It turned out to be restoring a Roman marching camp at Pennymuir in the Cheviot Hills and I had a wonderful summer turning turf and dreaming of Romans.

Obviously, I couldn’t do that for the rest of my life. I was good at English and had a voracious reading habit, and my dad pointed me towards an advert for a junior reporter with the local paper – and changed my life. The next 30-odd years have been spent working in local and national newspapers and have brought me to where I am now; assistant editor of The Scotsman in Edinburgh.

Books have always been part of me. My father first took me to the library when I was about five. I probably made my first attempt at writing one a couple of years later and I’ve been trying, on and off, ever since.

I now live in Bridge of Allan, a lovely village on the doorstep of the Trossachs and I’m married to Alison and we have three children who never fail to make me terribly proud of them.

I enjoy watching rugby, and find life at its most relaxing by the river with a fly fishing rod in my hand, although I seldom disturb many fish.


The second in this series of books based around art recovery expert Jamie Sinclair. Book one the Doomsday testament The Doomsday Testament was a massive and wonderful surprise. There are so many thrillers of this type on the market but so many fall short of being a great thriller. Something of the quality of an early Jack Higgins WW2 thriller. Doomsday Testament was an equal to those books and doubly so because it was a debut thriller.

Great debuts are always a double edged sword, is it a flash in the pan? can it be equalled or beaten by book two? Thankfully for me, you and James Douglas yes he can equal it, in fact it beats book one for suspense, action, adventure, intrigue and story.

As in doomsday testament, the Isis Covenant blends the modern world with World War 2, add in a nice dose of Ancient history with the central aim being the recovery of the Crown of Dido. A legendary item hunted by Tyrants through the ages for its alleged ability to hold the answer to life/ Death. Our Hero Jamie has a price on his head, is it from his recent past and his butting heads with the remnants of the Nazi Regime? Who is the evil force killing people in such a gruesome fashion? What are they looking for? will they find it? and if they do what terrifying outcome will come to pass? I’m not giving away the plot, you need to buy the book to find out. But its Sooooo worth doing so.

As with book one the characters are so well written, so real and alive and this is no surprise because James Douglas is the pseudonym of one of my favourite historical writers none other than Douglas Jackson. Writer of so many fantastic books. It also answers why the history of these books is so real and vivid.

Caligula (Rufus 1)

Claudius (Rufus 2)

Hero of Rome (Gaius Valerius Verrens 1)

Defender of Rome (Gaius Valerius Verrens 2)

And once you have managed to work your way through the fantastic feast above there is also the latest in the Verrens series Avenger of Rome (Gaius Valerius Verrens 3)

The only thing wrong with this book is that they didn’t do it in Hardback. This is a must read book, one not to miss.

Very Highly Recommended


Product description: AD 64 – Roman centurion Marcus Domitus leads an expedition to find the mythical treasure hidden deep inside Queen Dido’s temple. AD 1945 – In the confusion and chaos of a burning Berlin, two high-powered Nazis disappear, and so does a precious object. AD 2009 – Two families are brutally tortured and murdered in Boston and London, the crimes linked by a single name and a shared history. Art recovery specialist Jamie Saintclair receives a call from a Boston detective, asking for his help to investigate a brutal murder. She believes Saintclair might hold the key to solving the crime through his detailed knowledge of specialist Nazi units. But as they delve deeper into the sinister world of the occult, they uncover a dark secret that men have lusted over for more than two millennia. Long ago, in the ancient temple of Isis, something was stolen, and the repercussions have resonated through the centuries. Saintclair must discover the truth before the curse claims more victims, and finally catches up with him



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