My stand out books, and Fav’s of 2012, and the publishers who do so much for me and others.

Over the last year there have been so many books to read, below is a list of the books that have stood out from the crowd, the books that have kept me sane and illuminated my evenings.

Historical Fiction

Giles Kristian: Bleeding Land:

Henry Venmore  – Rowland: The Last Caesar

Robert Fabbri: Vespasian 2: Romes Executioner

Anthony Riches: Leopard Sword:

M C Scott Eagle of the Twelfth

Nick Brown: Agent of Rome: Imperial Banner

Michael Arnold: Hunters Rage

James Wilde Hereward: Devils Army

Angus Donald : Warlord

Ben Kane: Spartacus: Rebellion

Robyn Young: Renegade:

Mark Keating Blood Diamond

Christian Cameron: Tom Swan:

Christian Cameron Poseidon’s Spear

Simon Scarrow: Sword and Scimitar

Anthony Riches: Wolfs Gold

Rob Low: Crowbone

James Aitcheson: Splintered Kingdom

Douglas Jackson: Avenger of Rome

Harry Sidebottom Warrior of Rome: Wolves of the North

A L Berridge Into the Valley of death

Christian Cameron: God of War


James Douglas: The Isis Covenant

Alex Scarrow: Timeriders 6 City of Shadows

Simon Toyne The Key

Kenneth Cameron Winter at Deaths Hotel

Chris Kuzneski: The Hunters


M D Lachlan: Lord of Slaughter

James Barclay : Elves Rise of the TaiGethen

Stephen Deas The Black Mausoleum

Mark Lawrence: King of Thorns

Ben Aaronovitch: Whispers Underground

Miles Cameron: The Red Knight

I always struggle at picking “The Best” or “My Favourite” book. So I’m going to give my stand out book in each Genre.

Historical Fiction

This goes to 3 books: These 3 books just cannot be separated, they are my personal Favourites for different reasons.

Christian Cameron: God of War

Giles Kristian: Bleeding Land:

Anthony Riches: Leopard Sword:

Christian Cameron: Christian Cameron: God of War because he is such an exceptional writer, without doubt my favourite writer and in the coming year, the most prolific

There are 3 more Tom Swan Ebooks in the first few months of 2013, Also Tyrant: Destroyer of Cities hardcover on 14 Feb, The Ill- Made Knight hardcover 23 May (first in a new series) And there will be more in the second half of 2013 (Long War book 4 and Tyrant series book 6)

Giles Kristian: Who has shown an exceptional breadth of writing skill with The Bleeding Land, such a departure from the Raven series, and what a departure (read the review). Add to that being onset with the author and the amazing Elizabeth Swain and the outstanding Urban Apache film crew. That day was my favourite day all year.

Anthony Riches: Is also on here because his series always makes me laugh, he writes characters with such life , vitality and humour, i devour every new book in a single sitting, and they always jump straight to the top of my TBR pile.


It was a close call, i discounted Chris Kuzneski: The Hunters because although i have read it, its publication date is 2013.

Kenneth Camerons: Winter at Deaths Hotel, while an outstanding book, was beaten by the latest book (and my favourite for 2013) from James Douglas: The Isis Covenant

The Thriller persona of Douglas Jackson. A book with pace, action and great plot…. (read the review)


This was the toughest genre of all, I have avoided many fantasy titles for a few years, the death of David Gemmell made me think that no one could ever match his fantasy skills.

And once again i could not separate 2 titles:

While i think Mark Lawrence is a great new voice in the fantasy world, Stephen Deas creates a magnificent world of Dragons, James Barclay always manages to leave me wanting more and more, and always goes to the top of my fantasy TBR. The winners are

Ben Aaronovitch: Whispers Underground: Simply my favourite fantasy series currently running, fantastically funny and magnificently imaginative.

Miles Cameron: The Red Knight Finally, the best blending of Historical Fiction and fantasy, since Gemmells Troy series. The fight scenes and arms/ Armour are superb and accurate to a degree not normally seen in fantasy.

2013: looks to me to be an amazing year of new books. My Wish list is growing daily:

Have a look and see some of the amazing titles:

To the amazing publishers: i thought about rating you all, but i cannot separate you, i feel blessed to be trusted to review books and every proof/ ARC and review copy is a gift is never taken lightly.

I do give special mention to

Elizabeth Swain

Jon Weir

Becci Sharpe

Ben Willis

Madeleine Feeny

Jaime Frost

Amelia Harvell

Shelley Power

Lynsey Dalladay

Joe Yule

Hannah McMillan

Jane Johnson

Marcus Gipps

Caitlin Raynor

Francesca Russell

and there are so many more, these people make coming home to the post a treat, they help get great new books out there for us all to read, and i so wish i had gone the same career path.

To them and all those i missed thank you and i look forward to working with you all next year.

and finally the reviewer who makes me blush to say i even try to review, she is the yard stick i measure my work against

and the self pusblished Giant and friend SJA Turney: why he has not been taken on by a publisher is beyond me.

So lets all raise a glass to books, literacy, the writers to push themselves , fret worry, research and get their amazing imagination onto paper for us. and to the people at the publishers who get them on the book shelves.

Happy new year one and all.


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