Books I want to read this year! (and review of course)

Every year i like to get an idea of the books coming out (and some already out).

These are the books i want to read and review this year (somewhat over my 75 book target) , sorry in advance to all the lovely publicist peeps, i expect there will be a few emails coming out.  (you all look like you will be having a great and busy year)

If anyone can think of anything i missed please leave a comment. (and sorry to those authors involved if i missed anything obvious)

These are in date order (although i think some date might change or be wrong)

Title Author Publisher Publication Date
Mr American (Flashman Papers) George MacDonald Fraser Harper 01/09/2008
The Mayan Conspiracy Graham Brown Ebury Press 23/06/2011
Secrets of the Dead Tom Harper Arrow 15/09/2011
The   Hawks of London: The Decipherer’s Chronicles Vol. 2 (Deciphers Chronicles 2) Grant Sutherland Pan 16/02/2012
Cromwell’s Blessing (Tom   Neave Trilogy 2) Peter Ransley Harper Press 29/03/2012
Secondworld Jeremy Robinson Thomas Dunne 22/05/2012
Doomsday Graham Brown Ebury Press 24/05/2012
The   Nowhere Legion Francis Hagan Francis Hagan 15/07/2012
The   Labyrinth of Osiris Paul Sussman Transworld 19/07/2012
Red Alert Colin Dunne Endevour Press 28/08/2012
Redemption (Ryan Drake 1) Will Jordan Arrow 13/09/2012
The Three Prince War Pierre Pevel Gollancz 20/09/2012
The   Place of Dead Kings Geoffrey Wilson Hodder 11/10/2012
Night   Blind Michael W Sherer Thomas and Mercer 23/10/2012
Bronze Summer (Northland) Stephen Baxter ROC 06/11/2012
Death or Glory III: Highroad to   Hell Michael Asher Penguin 08/11/2012
Malice:   The Faithful and the Fallen: Book One (Faithful & the​ Fallen 1) John Gwynne Tor 06/12/2012
Newton’s   Fire Will Adams Harper 06/12/2012
The Skybound Sea Sam Sykes Gollancz 27/12/2012
The Eagle Has Fallen Brian Young First Film 29/12/2012
Lost City of the Templars Paul Christopher Signet 31/12/2012
The Rook (The Checquy Files) Daniel O’Malley Head of Zeus 01/01/2013
The Iron King (The   Accursed Kings, Book 1) Maurice Druon Harper Voyager 03/01/2013
Semper   Fidelis: A Novel of the Roman Empire (Novels of the Roman Empire) Ruth Dowie Bloomsbury 08/01/2013
Untitled Rollins 3 of 4 James Rollins Orion 17/01/2013
Gladiator:   Son of Spartacus Simon Scarrow Puffin 07/02/2013
TimeRiders: The Pirate Kings   (Book 7) Alex Scarrow Puffin 07/02/2013
The   Daylight War (The Demon Cycle, Book 3) (Demon Cycle 3) Peter V Brett Harper Voyager 11/02/2013
The Traitors’ Pit: (Wulfgar 2) V M Whitworth Ebury Press 14/02/2013
Tyrant:   Destroyer of Cities ) Christian Cameron Orion 14/02/2013
The Haunted Martyr Kenneth Cameron Orion 21/02/2013
Arena:   First Sword (Part Three of the Roman Arena Series) Simon Scarrow Headline 28/02/2013
Jimmy   and the Crawler Raymond Feist Harper Voyager 28/02/2013
The Heretics: 5 (John   Shakespeare 5) Rory Clements John Murray 28/02/2013
The   Grim Company Luke Scull Head of Zeus 01/03/2013
The   Striker Clive Cussler Putnam 05/03/2013
The Romanov Cross Robert Masello Bantam 05/03/2013
After   Rome Morgan Llwelyn Forge 13/03/2013
Shakespeare’s Rebel C C Humphreys Orion 14/03/2013
The High Kingdom Pierre Pevel Gollancz 21/03/2013
Gateway   of the Saviours (Chronicles of/Cosmic Warlord 2) A J Dalton Gollancz 21/03/2013
Rome: The Art of War (Rome 4) M C Scott Bantam 28/03/2013
Prophet   of Bones Ted Kosmatka Henry Holt and Co 02/04/2013
Juggernaut Adam Baker Thomas Dunne 02/04/2013
Necessary Evil:   The Milkweed Triptych: Book Three Ian tregillis Hachette 04/04/2013
The Last Conquest Berwick Coates Simon & Schuster 11/04/2013
Dodger James Benmore Heron Books 11/04/2013
The Blood Gospel James Rollins & Rebecca   Cantrell Orion 11/04/2013
Death   on a Pale Horse: Sherlock Holmes on Her Majesty’s Secret Service Donald Thomas Pegasus Books 20/04/2013
Gladiator:   Mark of Spartacus Simon Scarrow Hyperion 23/04/2013
The Lion   Rampant (The Kingdom Series) Robert Low Harper Collins 25/04/2013
Arena: Revenge   (Part Four of the Roman Arena Series) Simon Scarrow Headline 25/04/2013
The City Stella Gemmell Bantam 25/04/2013
Keane’s   Company (Keane 1) Iain Gale Heron Books 25/04/2013
Anno   Dracula – Johnny Alucard Kim Newman Titan 26/04/2013
Fire Across the Veldt   (Simon Fonthill Series) John Wilcox Allison & Busby 29/04/2013
Traitor’s   Field Robert   Wilton Atlantic books 01/05/2013
Hastings Justin Hill Little Brown 02/05/2013
The   Barbed Crown: An Ethan Gage Adventure William Dietrich Harper 07/05/2013
The Scarlet Thief Paul Fraser Collard Headline 09/05/2013
The Serpent’s Tooth   (Empire of the Moghul) Alex Rutherford Headline 09/05/2013
Magician’s End: Book   Three of the Chaoswar Saga Raymond Feist Harper Voyager 14/05/2013
Take, Burn or Destroy S Thomas Russell Putnam 16/05/2013
Elves:   Beyond the Mists of Katura James Barclay Gollancz 16/05/2013
A Chain of   Thunder: A Novel of the Siege of Vicksburg Jeff Shaara Ballantine 21/05/2013
The Twelve Children of Paris Tim Willocks Jonathan Cape 23/05/2013
Sacred Games Gary Corby Soho Press 23/05/2013
Holy War (Saladin Trilogy) Jack Hight John Murray 23/05/2013
Brothers’ Fury Giles Kristian Bantam 23/05/2013
Untitled David Gibbins Headline 23/05/2013
The Ill-Made Knight Christian Cameron Orion 23/05/2013
Anarchy Stewart   Binns Penguin 23/05/2013
The   Orpheus Descent Tom Harper Hodder 23/05/2013
Zero Hour (NUMA Files) Graham Brown Putnam 28/05/2013
The Falconer Elizabeth May Gollancz 30/05/2013
The King’s Deception (Cotton   Malone) Steve Berry Hodder 06/06/2013
The Blooding (Matthew Hawkwood   5) James McGee Harper Collins 06/06/2013
Hannibal: Fields of Blood Ben Kane Preface 06/06/2013
Sons of Zeus Noble Smith Thomas Dunne 11/06/2013
The Tower (Sancti Trilogy 3) Simon Toyne William Morrow & Co 11/06/2013
Arena:   Champion (Part Five of the Roman Arena Series) Simon Scarrow Headline 20/06/2013
Broken Homes Ben Aaronivitch Gollancz 20/06/2013
Untitled 2nd novel Henry Venmore-Rowland Bantam 20/06/2013
The Long War Terry Pratchett , Stephen   Baxter Doubleday 20/06/2013
Terminus Adam Baker Hodder 20/06/2013
Prince of Legend (Crusades) Jack   Ludlow Allison & Busby 24/06/2013
The Eye   of God: A SIGMA Force Novel James Rollins William Morrow & Co 25/06/2013
The Blood of Gods: A   Novel of Rome (Emperor) Conn Iggulden Delacorte 02/07/2013
Assassin’s Reign (Civil War   Chronicles) Michael Arnold John Murray 04/07/2013
The Spoils of Conquest Seth Hunter Headline 04/07/2013
Hereward: End of Days James Wilde Bantam 04/07/2013
The Spoils of Conquest Seth Hunter Headline 04/07/2013
The Lion and the Lamb John Henry Clay Hodder 04/07/2013
The Siege Arturo Perez-Reverte W&N 11/07/2013
The Republic of Thieves Scott Lynch Gollancz 13/07/2013
Cross of Fire: A Pirate Devlin   Novel Mark Keating Hodder 18/07/2013
Agent of   Rome: The Far Shore Nick Brown Hodder 18/07/2013
The   Devil’s Pact (Jack Tanner 5) ) James Holland Bantam 18/07/2013
The Persona Protocol Andy McDermott Headline 18/07/2013
Untitled Lachlan 1 of 3 M D Lachlan Gollancz 18/07/2013
Untitled Napier 3 of 3 William Napier Orion 18/07/2013
Emperor of Thorns (Broken   Empire) Mark Lawrence Harper Voyager 01/08/2013
Grail   Knight (Outlaw Chronicles) Angus Donald Sphere 01/08/2013
The   King’s Spy Andrew Swanston Corgi 01/08/2013
The End of Sparta: A Novel Victor Davis Hanson Bloomsbury 01/08/2013
Blessed Rain Andrew Swanston Bantam 01/08/2013
Knights of the Hawk James Aitcheson Preface 02/08/2013
Robert the Bruce Jack Whyte Forge 06/08/2013
All in Scarlet Uniform Adrian Goldsworthy W&N 08/08/2013
Blood of Tyrants Naomi   Novik Del Ray 13/08/2013
Sword of Rome Douglas Jackson Bantam 15/08/2013
The Dragon Queen Stephen Deas Gollancz 15/08/2013
The Eagle’s Vengeance: Empire   VI Anthony Riches Hodder 29/08/2013
Untitled Marathon Novel 4 Christian Cameron Orion 29/08/2013
The Excaliber Codex James Douglas Corgi 29/08/2013
The Traitor Son Cycle Book 2 Miles Cameron Gollancz 19/09/2013
Making of England 7 Bernard Cornwell Harper Collins 10/10/2013
Total War Rome: Destroy   Carthage David Gibbins Macmillan 24/10/2013
Tyrant: Force of Kings Christian Cameron Orion 01/01/2014
The Emperor’s Curse Andy McDermott Headline 16/01/2014
The   Backward Boy Kenneth Cameron Orion 01/03/2014
The Past Master Kenneth Cameron Orion 01/03/2014
The Oxford Fellow Kenneth Cameron Orion 01/03/2014
Fitz Fool 1 Robin Hobb Harper Collins 10/04/2014
The   Beating of his Wings Paul Hoffman Michael Joseph 24/04/2014
The Long Sword Christian Cameron Orion 01/05/2014
Blood of Honour John Lincoln Amazon
The Great Pagan Army Vaughn Hepner Amazon

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  1. Gah i missed NOS4R2 by Joe Hill out in April, this looks a great read.

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