Roger Hobbs: Ghostman

The Author:


Roger Hobbs graduated in 2011 from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where he studied ancient languages, film noir, and literary theory. He wrote GHOSTMAN during his senior year.



Stunningly dark, hugely intelligent and thoroughly addictive,

Ghostman announces the arrival of an exciting and highly distinctive novelist.

When a casino robbery in Atlantic City goes horribly awry, the man who orchestrated it is obliged to call in a favor from someone who’s occasionally called Jack. While it’s doubtful that anyone knows his actual name or anything at all about his true identity, or even if he’s still alive, he’s in his mid-thirties and lives completely off the grid, a criminal’s criminal who does entirely as he pleases and is almost impossible to get in touch with. But within hours a private jet is flying this exceptionally experienced fixer and cleaner-upper from Seattle to New Jersey and right into a spectacular mess: one heister dead in the parking lot, another winged but on the run, the shooter a complete mystery, the $1.2 million in freshly printed bills god knows where and the FBI already waiting for Jack at the airport, to be joined shortly by other extremely interested and elusive parties. He has only forty-eight hours until the twice-stolen cash literally explodes, taking with it the wider, byzantine ambitions behind the theft. To contend with all this will require every gram of his skill, ingenuity and self-protective instincts, especially when offense and defense soon become meaningless terms. And as he maneuvers these exceedingly slippery slopes, he relives the botched bank robbery in Kuala Lumpur five years earlier that has now landed him this unwanted new assignment.

From its riveting opening pages, Ghostman effortlessly pulls the reader into Jack’s refined and peculiar world – and the sophisticated shadowboxing grows ever more intense as he moves, hour by hour, toward a  constantly improvised solution. With a quicksilver plot, gripping prose and masterly expertise, Roger Hobbs has given us a novel that will immediately place him in the company of our most esteemed crime writers.


Ghostman is a book I approached with some caution, I’m not the biggest lover of crime fiction, it takes a seriously good book / synopsis to catch my attention. That said im always open to a change (if you can make me love a genre… I will keep coming back for more).

So when i heard Transworld waxing lyrical about this great new Crime Thriller, I jumped on the internet and did some searching. The concept more than intrigued me. This wasnt another bourne type thriller (i find spy books a big yawn normally). This was a criminal who hides in plain sight, anti hero good guy lead voice.

So I was hooked on the concept.. did the book live up to the hype? This is a new author an unknown. Which is something I enjoy, there is nothing better than finding a new rising star and the potential for more great books, Roger Hobbs did not disappoint.

There were many comparisons in the style of the book, there is a touch of the Jack Reacher about our Ghostman, there is a touch of the dexter about the voice/ style of the book and I can see why the film rights have been purchased by Warner. This has big budget move written all over it. Not because of any lack of reality in the book, although it does push the boundaries of what can be possible. It will be very interesting to see who they get to play Ghostman and can this person act to the ability of the character in the book?

The story its self has it all, A heist, gun fights, car chases and more twists and turns than you can keep up with. It really kept me guessing as to what side he was on, who would live who would die, and who might end up in Jail. There are multi threads all being played off against different angles in this story. That for me was the winner, I have read so many books now that often the big surprise is just obvious. Not so in Ghostman, its not high octane, but its a book that will grip you from first page to the last.

Very much recommended


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