Its Competition Time: The Grim Company by Luke Scull


And the Winner is Elizabeth Lloyd:

for those who didn’t win don’t forget to buy a copy of the book:

Calling all fans of Fantasy Fiction, high adventure and damn fine reads. I have a competition for you that…..Well its just awesome.

To Celebrate the release of the amazing debut title The Grim Company by Luke Scull I am running a competition to win a Signed Unique Print created by the …well by the Highly talented and much prized Larry Rostant. (and donated by the lovely people at Head of Zeus Publishing

You cannot buy this prize, I know, I tried to buy some of his work once. If you follow the link you will spot some very famous, and beautiful book cover art.

Larry Rostant Web site

Larry Rostant a_w The Grim Company

The artwork is an image of the setting for Luke Scull’s novel The Grim Company.

The Prize will be framed and signed by the artist.

So how do you win?

There will be 2 questions.

Question 1 will be contained in the free downloadable section of the book (a whopping 68% of the book)

Question 2 will be in the final 32%  of the book available to buy for £1.99 March 1st.

So if you only buy one book this year…..well you need to read more and when you do, make this one of the first.

250x250_rolling book copy


The grey granite walls of Dorminia rise to three times the height of a man, surrounding the city on all sides save for the south, where the Broken Sea begins. The stone is three-foot thick at its weakest point and can withstand all but the heaviest assault. The Crimson Watch patrol the streets even as Salazar’s Mindhawks patrol the skies.
The Grey City was not always so. But something has changed. Something has broken at its heart. Perhaps the wild magic of the dead Gods has corrupted Dorminia’s Magelord, as it has the earth itself. Or perhaps this iron-fisted tyranny is the consequence of a lifetime of dark deeds…
Still, pockets of resistance remain. When two formidable Highlanders save the life of a young rebel, it proves the foundation for an unlikely fellowship. A fellowship united against tyranny, but composed of self-righteous outlaws, crippled turncoats and amoral mercenaries. A grim company. But with the world entering an Age of Ruin, this is not a time of heroes…


Review of the whole book is here:

Question 1: When was Davarus given the Green Quartz Crystal.

Question 2 When does Davarus see the Green Quartz Crystal for the last time

(hint…its near the end of the book)

The competition closure date is April 5th 2013.

All entries to be sent to

UK & Europe Only.

1 Entry per person

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