Jonathan Holt: The Abomination


JONATHAN HOLT read English literature at Oxford and is now the creative director of an advertising company. He lives in London.

Book Description


Set in two Venices, the modern physical world and its virtual counterpart, The Abomination by Jonathan Holt is a propulsive tale of murder, corruption, and international intrigue – the first book in an outstanding new trilogy in which Carabiniere Captain Kat Tapo must unravel a dark conspiracy linking the CIA and the Catholic Church.

By the stunning white dome of one of Venice’s grandest landmarks a body with two slugs in the back of the head has been pulled from the icy waters. The victim is a woman, dressed in the sacred robes of a Catholic priest – a desecration that becomes known as the Abomination.

Working her first murder case, Captain Kat Tapo embarks on a trail that proves as elusive and complicated as the city’s labyrinthine backstreets. What Kat discovers will test her loyalties and remind her of a simple truth: Unless old crimes are punished, corrupt forces will continue to repeat their mortal sins.

The Abomination is book one of Jonathan Holt’s Carnivia Trilogy.


This book was my latest foray outside my reading comfort zone. I’m not a big reader of crime fiction and it takes something special to make me pick it up, and after all the feedback the lovely ladies at Head of Zeus had given me on this one, well I didn’t really have a choice but to read it…(a no brainer).

Its a book I’m glad I picked up, the writing is clean, crisp and has a nice steady pace that draws you (the reader) in.  The plot switches between the various characters builds and adds pace and makes this a book that’s hard to put down. If I had to pick fault with any of the writing it’s that the authors love of Venice/ Italy and the food/ culture can bleed though too much, there are a few bits that feel like a tourist guide and gourmet cookbook. That said the authors love of the country is infectious, I wanted to book a plane ticket and pop out for some Italian food every time I picked the book up.

The plot is skilfully blended together, multi layered with the ancient (religion), the violent (crime lords, Serb/ Croatian war) the modern (Carnivia social media) and the romance blossoming between characters.  Throw in some deep political and international conspiracy add a soups-ant of the occult and religion and you get a dish as fine as those served in the restaurants of the book.

would I recommend it?

Yes, it was a really good read, it didn’t set my world alight, but then I’m new to the genre. for me it was a 3.5/5 stars.

I can however see it being a 5 star for many fans of the genre.

so go buy it, it will repay the cover price many times over.


Hardback Purchase

Kindle Version

Signed Limited Edition (Goldsboro Books)


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