What to read in 2014


Books for 2014:

Every year i spend hours sorting out what im going to read this year. So why should we all spend this time fnding out whats due out when, who is publishing when?

So to help you all out here is my list (so far…. i know based on experience there will be quite a few i missed that need to be added yet) : feel free to comment and add to this list.

I hope to review as many of them as i can for you this year.



Title Author Date Publisher
The War of the Grail Geoffrey Wilson 07/11/2013 Hodder
The Maharajah’s General Paul Collard 21/11/2013 Headline
The Loch Ness Legacy Boyd Morrison 21/11/2013 Sphere
Something More Than Night Ian Tregellis 03/12/2013 Tor
Command Authority: A Jack Ryan Novel (Jack Ryan 13) Tom Clancy 05/12/2013 Michael Joseph
Hens Teeth Manda Scott 05/12/2013 Transworld
No Good deed Manda Scott 05/12/2013 Transworld
Stronger than Death Manda Scott 05/12/2013 Transworld
Innocent Blood: The Order of the Sanguines Series James Rollins 10/12/2013 william Morrow
Fell Sword Miles Cameron 19/12/2013 Gollancz
The Winter King (A Hawkenlye Mystery) Alys Clare 19/12/2013 Severn House
The Great King (Long War 4) Christian Cameron 02/01/2014 Orion
The Last Dragon: Twilight of the Celts Book I M K Hume 02/01/2014 Headline
Mirage: Oregon Files #9 (The Oregon Files) Clive Cussler 02/01/2014 Michael Joseph
The Dead Can Wait Robert Ryan 02/01/2014 Simon & Schuster
The Rome Prophecy: A Thriller Sam Christer 09/01/2014 Overlook Press
Mayhem Sarah Pinborough 14/01/2014 Jo Fletcher
The Valhalla Prophecy (Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase 9) Andy McDermott 16/01/2014 Headline
Red Rising Pierce Brown 28/01/2014 Del Ray
The Tournament Matthew Reilly 30/01/2014 Orion
The Watchman (A Marc Portman Thriller) Adrian Magson 30/01/2014 Severn House
Road to Reckoning Robert Lautner 30/01/2014 Borough Press
The Gospel of Loki Joanne Harris 01/02/2014 Gollancz
Rogue Ted Bell 11/02/2014 Harper
EmpireI VII: The Emperor’s Knives Anthony Riches 13/02/2014 Hodder
The Forbidden Tomb (Hunters 2) Chris Kuzneski 13/02/2014 Headline
You Will Never Find Me Robert Wilson 13/02/2014 Orion
The Crimson Campaign: Book 2 in The Powder Mage Trilogy Brian McClellan 18/02/2014 Orbit
Bayonets Along the Border (Simon Fonthill Series John Wilcox 24/02/2014 Alison & Busby
Hannibal: Clouds of War (Hannibal 3) Ben Kane 27/02/2014 Preface
Innocent Blood: The Order of the Sanguines Series James Rollins 27/02/2014 Orion
Extinction Jt Brannan 27/02/2014 Headline
The Backward Boy Kenneth Cameron 01/03/2014 Orion
The Past Master Kenneth Cameron 01/03/2014 Orion
The boy with the porcelian blade Den Patrick 01/03/2014 Gollancz
Sword of the North: The Grim Company Luke Skull 04/03/2014 Head of Zeus
Words of Radiance: The Stormlight Archive Book Two Brandon Sanderson 06/03/2014 Gollancz
Imperial Fire Robert Lyndon 11/03/2014 Redhook
The Last Viking Berwick Coates 13/03/2014 Simon & Schuster
A King’s Ransom Sharon Penman 13/03/2014 Macmillan
The Bootlegger: Isaac Bell #7 Clive Cussler 13/03/2014 Michael Joseph
Valour: Book Two of The Faithful and the Fallen John Gwynne 27/03/2014 Tor
The Facts of Life and Death Belinda Bauer 27/03/2014 Bantam
Gladiator: Mark of Spartacus Simon Scarrow 30/03/2014 Hyperion
The Oxford Fellow Kenneth Cameron 01/04/2014 Orion
The City Stained Red Sam Sykes 01/04/2014 Gollancz
Son of the Morning Mark Alder 02/04/2014 Gollancz
The Kill Switch: A Tucker Wayne Novel (Sigma Force Novels) James Rollins 08/04/2014 william Morrow
Kingmaker: Winter Pilgrims Toby Clements 10/04/2014 Century
The Kings Return Andrew Swanston 10/04/2014 Bantam
Fool’s Assassin (Fitz and the Fool, Book 1) Robin Hobb 10/04/2014 Harper Collins
Untitled Fantasy 1 Hb [ Peter V Brett 10/04/2014 Harper
King of Ashes (The War of Five Crowns, Book 1) Raymond Feist 24/04/2014 Harper Voyager
Prince of Darkness Sharon Penman 24/04/2014 Head of Zeus
Keanes Challenge Iain Gale 24/04/2014 Heron Books
The Blood of Alexander Tom Wilde 29/04/2014 Forge
Valkyries Song M.D. Lachlan 01/05/2014 Gollancz
Tithe of the Saviors AJ Dalton 01/05/2014 Gollancz
The Lincoln Myth (Cotton Malone) Steve Berry 06/05/2014 Ballentine Books
The Three Emperors: An Ethan Gage Adventure (Ethan Gage Adventures) William Deitrich 06/05/2014 Harper Collins
God of Vengeance Giles Kristian 08/05/2014 Bantam
Black Lotus K’wan 13/05/2014 Akashic
The Hydra Protocol David Wellington 13/05/2014 Harper
Queen of the Dark Things Robert Cargill 15/05/2014 Gollancz
The Smoke at Dawn Jeff Shaara 20/05/2014 Ballentine Books
Untitled David Kirk 22/05/2014 Simon & Schuster
The Death Trade (Sean Dillon Series, Book 20) Jack Higgins 22/05/2014 Harper Collins
Ghost Ship (NUMA Files) Clive Cussler 27/05/2014 Putnam
The Splintered Gods Stephen Deas 01/06/2014 Gollancz
The Prophecy of Bees RS Pateman 01/06/2014 Orion
The Abduction (Carnivia Trilogy) Jonathan Holt 03/06/2014 Harper
The Blooding (Matthew Hawkwood 5) James McGee 05/06/2014 Harper Collins
The Black Stone of Emesa (Agent of Rome) Nick Brown 05/06/2014 Hodder
Prince of Fools (Red Queen’s War, Book 1) Mark Lawrence 05/06/2014 Harper Voyager
American Winter Sam Bourne 05/06/2014 Harper Collins
Whose Business is to die Adrian Goldsworthy 11/06/2014 W&N
Zodiac Station Tom Harper 18/06/2014 Hodder
The Storm Lord: Twilight of the Celts Book II M K Hume 19/06/2014 Headline
Kingdom (Insurrection Trilogy) Robyn Young 19/06/2014 Hodder
Untitled Simon Scarrow 19/06/2014 Headline
Vengeance: The Last Roman Book 1 (The Last Roman Trilogy) Jack Ludlow 19/06/2014 Alison & Busby
The Sixth Extinction James Rollins 19/06/2014 Orion
Cleopatras Asp Anthony Everitt 19/06/2014 Head of Zeus
Spartans at the Gates Nobel Smith 24/06/2014 Thomas Dunne
Plague – serial killers 1665 CC Humphreys 17/07/2014 Century
The Shadow Throne: Book Two of the Shadow Campaigns Django Wexler 01/07/2014 ROC
Peter Pan must Die John Verdon 01/07/2014 Crown Publishing
Storms of War Kate Williams 01/07/2014 Orion
Untitled Hayden book Sean Thomas Russell 01/07/2014 Michael Joseph
1914 Stewart Binns 01/07/2014 Michael Joseph
Historical Novel 1 James Wilde 03/07/2014 Bantam
The Iron Castle (Outlaw Chronicles) Angus Donald 03/07/2014 Sphere
Time Riders 9 Alex Scarrow 03/07/2014 Puffin
Half a King Joe Abercrombie 08/07/2014 Harper Voyager
The Queen Of The Tearling Erika Johansen 17/07/2014 Bantam
Foxglove Summer Ben Aaronovitch 17/07/2014 Gollancz
The Last Crusaders: Ivan the Terrible William Napier 31/07/2014 Orion
Divining Light Ted Kosmatka 05/08/2014 Henry Holt
Vanishing Games Roger Hobbs 14/08/2014 Orion
Run Them Ashore Adrian Goldsworthy 14/08/2014 W&N
Tyrant Force of Kings Christian Cameron 28/08/2014 Orion
Traitor Son Cycle bk 3 Miles Cameron 01/09/2014 Gollancz
The French Executioner CC Humpreys 01/11/2014 Source Books
Firefight Brandon Sanderson 20/11/2014 Gollancz
The Long Sword Christian Cameron 04/12/2014 Orion
Fixer Patrick Lennon 30/04/2015 Hodder
Untitled marathon Christian Cameron 06/08/2015 Orion

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