Dean Crawford: Apocalypse (Review)



Dean Crawford began writing after his dream of becoming a fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force was curtailed when he failed their stringent sight tests. Fusing his interest in science with a love of fast-paced revelatory thrillers, he soon found a career that he could pursue with as much passion as flying a fighter jet. Now a full-time author, he lives with his partner and daughter in Surrey.

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The future has changed its course. In the notorious Bermuda Triangle a private jet vanishes without trace, taking with it scientists working for world-famous philanthropist Joaquin Abell. In Miami, Captain Kyle Sears is called to a murder scene. A woman and her daughter have both been shot through the head. But within moments of arriving, Sears receives a phone call from the woman’s husband, physicist Charles Purcell. ‘I did not kill my wife and daughter. In less than twenty-four hours I too will be murdered and I know the man who will kill me. My murderer does not yet know that he will commit the act.’ With uncanny accuracy, Charles goes on to predict the immediate future just as it unfolds around Sears, and leaves clues for a man he’s never met before: Ethan Warner. The hunt is on to find Purcell, and Ethan Warner is summoned by the Defense Intelligence Agency to head up the search. But this is no ordinary case, as Warner and his partner Nicola Lopez are about to discover, and time is literally everything.


Apocalypse is an interesting thriller, the basic premise revolves around the abuse of time by the “Baddie”. Standing in the way of said bad guy(s) are Warner, Lopez and Bryson… can they stop world domination?

As ever the best heroes are the unlikely ones, the author creates likable slightly flawed heroes which to me is important, no one likes a perfect hero (superman is a pain in the butt). When you couple the clever witty characterisation with the splendid twists and turns  and a bad guy who just stops short of saying *ah Mr. bond* in his style, you do get a bit of cliché but most of all you get a fun enjoyable read.

Among its only real sins in the book, were poor female characters and technology that i just didn’t believe, even in a book where I’m suspending belief. But the fun and the twists carried me through, along with the authors devil may care kill anyone attitude.
The best compliment i can give it is that i will be reading the next one, and i will be looking for growth.

a perfect holiday read.


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