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Humans – Uprising

The Short Film – This Campaign

Europe, 1943.  As the war rages, Allied forces are attempting to create a serum that will turn ordinary men into super soldiers. So far they have been unsuccessful, with the formula causing horrific side effects for those exposed to it. An elite unit of German paratroopers infiltrates a British facility to steal the serum, inadvertently releasing an epidemic that will change the world forever.

‘Where Eagles Dare’ and ‘Inglorious Bastard’s’ meet ‘Dawn of the Dead.’

The Plan – Background

‘Humans tells the story of a zombie society attacked by the oldest of enemies, Humans.

The Humans story starts with this short film in World War II Britain.  It charts the rise of the zombie nation and watches an enemy, long since vanquished, return to give the zombies a taste of their own medicine.
Our film is different because the zombies are the protagonists.  The Humans are the monsters.  How many zombie films treat the arrival of the zombies as an invasion? What is the world like when it is run by zombies? When they have won the war.

This gem will be brought together by an amazingly talented team

They have a multi award winning team of filmmakers working on this project:

Director – Philip Stevens

Producer – Tom Walsh

Writer/Producer – Sam Wardhan

Director of Photography – Stewart MacGregor

I dont use the term “amazingly talented” lightly, i have been fortunate to work with some of these people (well they let me hang around like a bad smell on set, and even let me help a little) they have an enthusiasm that is infectious, and a talent that is just astounding. If you are an am dram, aspiring actor, or just would love to be in a film  for fun… keep reading…..

one of the projects i enjoyed with these wonderful people was the trailer shoot for God of Vengeance the actual Film Trailer is a real treat.

On the Website and on the Red Dog Films site you will find even more amazing examples of the HUGE talent on show here.

So all that aside… whats in it for you??

This crowd-funding project needs people like me and you to make it happen, and your contribution can earn anything from a warm fuzzy feeling that you made a piece of amazing art come to life, all the way to being in the film as a Zombie… how often do you get the chance to be in a film? Once in a lifetime?… you can even be an associate producer, or just visit the set, go for dinner with the wonderfully entertaining and funny Phil Stevens…(and some of the others…but Phils the funny one)

Check out the makeup artist work that these guys can pull off… (see web site links above)


So come on… treat yourself…be a film star… have dinner, or just get a poster to remember how you helped make a film happen.

I know i really want to see this happen… so please dig deep and help out.






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