J T Brannan: Whatever the cost (Review)


JT Brannan is the Bradford-born author of high-concept thrillers.

Trained as a British Army officer at Sandhurst, before deciding to pursue a writing career, he is a former national Karate champion and doorman.

He now writes full-time, and teaches martial arts in Harrogate, where he lives with his wife and two young children.

He is currently working on his next novel.


Whatever the Cost

(A book in the Mark Cole series)
A novel by J T Brannan

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whatever the cost

A Chinese cargo ship is hijacked off the coast of Indonesia by ruthless pirates; North Korea is involved in a covert plan to reunify the country by taking control of the South; and in Saudi Arabia, a terrifying new terrorist group has emerged that threatens to destabilize the entire world.

Adrift and psychologically damaged after the brutal murder of his family, ex-covert operative Mark Cole stumbles across a clue which might lead him to the hijacked ship. Realizing that it offers the opportunity to give him a purpose in life, Cole sets out to find the ship in a bid to earn redemption for his past.

From a gun market in the ancient jungles of Cambodia, to the teeming streets of Jakarta, Cole stumbles upon a plot far greater than the simple hijacking of a ship; and as he battles against North Korean agents and Islamic fundamentalists, he promises himself that he will do whatever it takes to stop the unleashing of a terrifying jihad which threatens the Western world like never before.


Firstly, my apologies to the author, not sure how i have let this slip through my reading net until now. I really enjoyed the first Mark Cole tale (Stop at nothing) , and was immensely pleased to see a quote from it on the new front cover.

So how does the follow-up novella “Whatever the Cost” stack up after such a brilliant book 1?

What i love about Mark Cole is that he embodies everything that’s fun in an action thriller, he is the consequential Bond, in that he is just so damn good, both tactically and martially. He is a weapons expert, an unarmed combat specialist, well almost to Bruce Wayne levels, bringing in lethal arts from India that go beyond power and speed. More than this though he is fallible, remorseful, punished by his doubts, his failings and in this book while he punishes himself he comes to a deeper understanding of himself and his own motivations, (this isn’t just a fluff character who fights a lot), that’s a continuation of the Jason Bourne element, the doubt, the unknown, the reactions taking over ahead of conscious thought.

All that powerful characterisation is blended with what is rapidly becoming the norm for this author, plots devilishly woven together, so large, so devious and malicious as to at first be implausible, but the worst disasters are the most implausible, who could have envisaged the hijacking of passenger jets and their use as weapons of destruction? J T Brannan, takes our worst fears as a civilised society and gives them voice in the potential for Armageddon, be it globally in Extinction, or nationally in Whatever the cost. At every turn when you expect the tension to subside he cranks up the pace, and the plot twists one more time, coming to a thrilling conclusion.

I cant wait to get my hands on Beyond all Limits, and what ever novel he has in the work. The books are always a breakneck thrill ride and just the sort of escapism i want when sitting down for an escapist read.

Highly recommended


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