The greatest gift is the passion for reading. (inc Competition)


On Monday 1 December Quercus launched their Christmas campaign, The greatest gift is the passion for reading.

They are inviting as many readers, bloggers, Book Tubers and bookshops to share their passion for books during December using the hashtag #GreatestGift. We want to hear why you think books are the greatest books to give.

Everyday in the lead up to Christmas they have invited some brilliant bloggers and Book Tubers (and me) sharing blog posts and videos on why they think books are the greatest gift to give. Do keep an eye on their twitter feeds and websites as they will also be giving away a fantastic bundle of books on the day of their message.  See below for the full #GreatestGift line up.

Quercus Books

Monday 1 DecemberReader Dad

Tuesday 2 DecemberBook Addict Shaun

Wednesday 3 DecemberLiz Loves Books

Thursday 4 DecemberChick Lit Pad

Friday 5 DecemberBumbling Bibliophile

Monday 8 DecemberRaven Crime Reads

Tuesday 9 DecemberFantasy Faction

Wednesday 10 DecemberWondorous Reads

Thursday 11 DecemberThe Mile Long Bookshelf

Friday 12 DecemberDestiny Lover

Monday 15 DecemberParmenion Books

Tuesday 16 DecemberNovelicious

Wednesday 17 DecemberCivilian Reader

hursday 18 DecemberLove of a Good Book

Friday 19 DecemberFranny and Perks

So join all of us in sharing  and tweet why you think books are the #GreatestGift to give to @QuercusBooks

So for me: why do I read? what is it that makes me think books are the #GreatestGift?

I’d love to say I have been a reader since I was little, but that’s not the case, I was always busy running, playing football and avoiding the fact that books didn’t feel right. I don’t suppose I understood at the time why books bored me, until one day I realised that sometimes I look at a sentence and see words incorrectly, and then I read them again and they makes sense, this becomes then, when becomes while.. simple things that throw the meaning of a line, only as a kid I didn’t reread, it just didn’t make sense so I got bored with it. Then one day I was stuck at home, I became a single parent, I could not go out and TV was generally 4 channels of bilge. So I tried the library, a world of other worlds and times, thousands of mini time machines.

I remembered the few books and stories I did enjoy as a kid. The escapism of places like Narnia and the Hobbit, stuck in with only a baby for company I needed that escapism again. I started many books and finished few until I found the things that struck that chord, that made me immerse myself in reading. Next came the man who gave me a true passion for reading, David Gemmell, not just a great writer, but as nice and decent a person as I have ever met, from his books I learned something that has stayed with me ever since. I learned the true value of books, I learned that I, myself, I don’t just read a book, because that would not be enough, any book that only allows me to read it doesn’t rate with me, it’s why I’m careful about the books I read and review.

For me a book is a portal to another time, another place, it’s where I fly with dragons, march with legions, fight the good fight, travel though-out time and space and across dimensions into alternate worlds and time periods, wielding magic, swords and living anything from an ordinary to an extraordinary life. Every book needs to be total immersion. No film can give you this gift, because no film is powered by the human imagination, backed by the words and research of great writers.

So you may find my site full of books that say you must read them, but that’s because I have lived those books, and the books I cannot be consumed by don’t get reviewed by me. (a writer pours months of blood sweat and tears into a novel, so just because it doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it’s not a good book, it’s just taste). This is also one of the major reasons why I love to support as many debut writers as I can, to find the new Gemmell’s, to help as much as I can get those great books read by as many people as possible.

I hope you enjoy the reviews on my blog, and I hope you find some of the passion for the books that I have.

 So competition time:

I’m making this easy: Just tweet / comment with why “The greatest gift is the passion for reading” #GreatestGift

share your reason or what led to your love of books, I will draw names at random to win the below titles

Prize 1: Traitor’s Blade, Sebastien De Castell
Prize 2: Tom Pollock Series  1) Glass Republic 2) Citys Son 3)Lady of the Street
Prize 3: Churchill’s Secret Warriors by Damien Lewis
I look forward to hearing your comments.

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