Writing about Fighting

Everything a reader or writer might want to know about how a fight scene is written.

With Pen and Sword

Charette's FiorLeoni's Manciolino11047112_10153145736917354_343562661_n11026409_10153145736587354_1777156127_n

I am often asked–often by readers, but occasionally by other writers–about writing fight scenes.  I thought I’d write a sort of mixed book review, ‘sport’ review and writing tutorial.

The three books (really, two books and a series) are, in no particular order, Bob Charette’s brilliant Armizare, the Chivalric Martial Arts System of Il Fior di Battiglia; Guy Windsor’s carefully illustrated, easy-to-use series called ‘Mastering the Art of Arms.’ and Tom Leoni’s excellent translation of Manciolino’s Opera Nova, called The Complete Renaissance Swordsman.

Leoni's Manciolino

First, martial arts interest me.  Passionately.  The martial arts that interest me were–and are– deadly–probably far more lethal than those practiced in most store-front dojos–but that’s not my interest at all.  I will never (I hope) face an opponent with lethal intent while wearing 80 pounds of plate armour and wielding a spear.  (BTW, the above was not a cheap shot at other martial arts.  Armizare–the…

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