Writing about Crafts — Interviewing Jiri Klepac

I seem to be regular re-blogger of Christian’s blog posts, but they are so damn good. and the people he knows are true masters of their art.

With Pen and Sword

portret Jiri Klepac

This week, I thought I’d interview another armourer.
Now, perhaps you are all bored by armour, but to me, it is the most complicated costume artifact ever. Let me put this in perspective as a writer. I wear armour 20-30 times a year, and almost every time I wear it, I learn something—something about fit, perhaps, or fatigue avoidance, or maybe just a better way to lace the plates to my arming coat, or a better place to put my hands. This process has slowed, but it never stops, and the process itself has a sort of meta-learning—I now have an ever-better notion of how much training it required for a knight to be able to wear, and maintain his harness. And how long it takes to put it on or get it off.

Me at Days of Knights in Kentucky.  At this point I've had ten bouts and I've also served as a referee (still in harness) so tired.  Arms and gauntlets by Jiri Klipac, helmet by Craig Sitch, legs by Mark Vickers, and breastplate by Peter Fuller.
There’s a piece out there in Youtube land about how hard it is to…

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