Writing about Magic — Fantasy, History, and Electronic Warfare

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With Pen and Sword

Art of MemoryDoctor Illuminatus

Lancelot GrailMedieval Craft of Memory

As you know, if you follow this blog, I don’t see the boundaries between Historical Fiction and Fantasy as clearly as my readers (or editors) might like.

When I set out to design a magic system–oh, about thirty-five years ago, I was heavily influenced by a single book that I had just read–really, two books, one a fantasy novel, Ursula le Guin’s phenomenal ‘Wizard of Earthsea’…

Wizard of Earthsea

….and a wonderful book which promised me, when I took it from the library at age 16, that I would be able to cast real spells.  If you have never held a copy in your hands, I recommend that you buy one; it’s Isaac Bonewits‘ seminal ‘Real Magic’.

Real Magic

Now, those of you who read my books, or even my blog, must have discerned that I have a hands-on attitude to most things–I have to try them for myself, and magic is, I fear…

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