I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

Had to reblog this because
A: it’s a great review.
B: you need to follow becci’s blog
C: she is just lovely
4: she called me a genius … It’s not often I can fool someone so clever 😇

the lost and found library

Bizarrely, I have been recommending this book to people for a while now, but had not got around to reading it myself. Commercially its been very successful and I’ve seen the trade edition everywhere in the UK and still at big airports on my travels. It came highly recommended to me by the sorts of people I always listen to, namely two of my old HoZ colleagues – Editorial Director Laura Palmer, who knows everything about books, and the FD Ian Rutland, who knew nothing about books before joining the company, other than that he is the genuine type to buy them at the airport on holiday. If he says a thriller is really good – he is usually right.

Another bit of context worth pointing out, lots of people in the trade talked about this book when it first came out for its big brassy cover with the title

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