Writing about Fighting: Practice and Exercise

Every day is a school day…

With Pen and Sword


You must be asking yourself what this fourteen year old ballerina has to do with martial arts, fighting, and history?

In fact, I suspect that almost everyone who swings a sword or reenacts can stop reading.  I suspect that everyone trained in any sport or physical art can look at this young woman, and guess what today’s blog is about, and what I’m going to say.

By the way, this is Miss Hannah Lowe of Toronto.  She is a passable Italian longswordswoman, and an effective arming sword fighter as well.  And from her (and her brother Hamish, who is currently enrolled in the National Ballet School) I learned some dramatic and important–in in some cases, disheartening–lessons about history, and about fighting.

Hannah has been dancing since she was three years old.  By fourteen, she has reached a stunning level of proficiency; if you saw her dance the role of the…

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One response to “Writing about Fighting: Practice and Exercise

  1. One of the reasons I prefer the peasants way of fighting: With an English Warbow! I cant’ dance. .. Moreover as a peasant you don’t have the time for fancy stuff like dancing or fancy swordsplay.. That is for the rich who have money and time to spare.. As a peasant you work from dusk till dawn. So you keep it simple.. basic footing, good drawing technique.. cool at aiming and releasing.. and OOOPs.. there goes years of dancing education down the drain in a split second.. It gets even worse with a 1200lbs Windlass.. a 12 year old can crank that up and shoot it, without any training…..

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