Writing about Craftspeople — Aurora Simmons

Aurora is wonderful, I have several pieces she has made. It’s wonderful to have unique hand made things in this cardboard cutout age.

With Pen and Sword

Iphone late May 2015 005

Aurora SImmons

It is not all about weapons and armour.

Alright, I know a few of you are reeling in shock, but honestly, the recreation of the past doesn’t actually require weapons and armour at all, and fascinating as some of us may find martial arts, tactics and strategies and the material culture of conflict, really, there’s so much more.  People lived, loved, ran races, lounged on couches, and wore clothing and jewelry and ate food.

Lived, as I said.

I happen to have the pleasure of knowing a great many craftspeople.  Rather like the blog I wrote about Hannah Lowe and people who train and practice hard, craftspeople are often very different.  They have very rugged and sometimes stubborn personalities.  They can focus–incredibly–for long stretches without boredom.  I know a few craftspeople, and I suspect J.R.R. Tolkien did too… the dwarves may represent a stereotype, but it is also…

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