Writing about History: The Siege of Belgrade Part II

One of my fav series , so great to have a look behind the curtain

With Pen and Sword

Hunyadi Janos Hunyadi Janos

Last Friday, I finally completed the seven part epic that Tom Swan and the Siege of Belgrade has become.  In the end, the full story is roughly as long as the Red Knight, or almost 200K words, or roughly as long as Alexander, God of War.  Part 6 will be out June 17, and Part 7 will be out in July or August at the latest and includes, among other things, the longest combat scene I think I’ve ever written.

I suspect that Tom Swan and the Siege of Belgrade is some of my best historical writing.  It was very difficult, and involved complex reconstruction, timeline creation, investigation of period sources, and lots of staring off into space, smoking the occasional cigar, and staring at maps.  And Google Earth.  I think I have stared at the ground around Belgrade for more hours than I’ve looked at…

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