The Dread Wyrm — American Cover, and a story you ought to read

A Must read for Fans of Miles / Christian Cameron

With Pen and Sword


This is the US cover for ‘Dread Wyrm’ which is out October 15th, just released.  It will tie up a great many of the plots in the traitorson series, although, really, it’s only the halfway point.  There are five books, and as I keep saying, I’m just about done with book 4 (Plague of Swords, on page 445 today).

The thing is, though, that there’s a whole sub-plot which ended up on the cutting room floor in books one and two.  The stories from that sub plot have been on my various websites the last couple of years, but now that my traitorson website is gone (it cost way too much.  Apologies) I thought I’d put the stories here.  One this week, one next week.


Because Pavalo Payam — Ser Palomides, if you are an Arthurian fan — is a vital character (pivotal, even) and he was supposed…

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