Miles Cameron Dread Wyrm (review)

Miles Cameron


is an author, a re-enactor, an outdoors expert and a weapons specialist. He lives, works and writes in Toronto, where he lives with his family.

Christian Cameron was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1962. He grew up in Rockport, Massachusetts, Iowa City, Iowa, and Rochester, New York, where he attended McQuaid Jesuit High School and later graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in history.

After the longest undergraduate degree on record (1980-87), he joined the United States Navy, where he served as an intelligence officer and as a backseater in S-3 Vikings in the First Gulf War, in Somalia, and elsewhere. After a dozen years of service, he became a full time writer in 2000. He lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife Sarah and their daughter Beatrice.

The Dread Wyrm  (2015)
(The third book in the Traitor Son Cycle series)
A novel by Miles Cameron


Some are born to power. Some seize it. And some have the wisdom never to wield it.

The Red Knight has stood against soldiers, armies, and the might of an empire without flinching. He’s fought on real and magical battlefields alike, and now he’s facing one of the greatest challenges yet. A tournament.

A joyous spring event, the flower of the nobility will ride against each other for royal favor and acclaim. It’s a political contest – one that the Red Knight has the skill to win. But the stakes may be higher than he thinks. The court of Alba has been infiltrated by a dangerous faction of warlike knights, led by the greatest knight in the world: Jean de Vrailly – and the prize he’s fighting for isn’t royal favor but the throne of Alba itself….

This is the third book in the Traitor Son Cycle, following The Red Knight and The Fell Sword.


Move over Tolkien, GRR Martin and all other writers of deeply, involved complex fantasy worlds, because the more this series progresses the better it gets, it doesn’t fall into the trap of other series where side avenues get explored for the sake of page count, it doesn’t flap on with inconsequential characters. What it does is grab the reader by the neck and take them into a well thought out and highly complex world (just as you would expect a real world to be), there is no room or tolerance for two dimensional characters, nations, ideas or concepts, each idea and concept is heavily thought through and explored, researched and imagined, and yet at no time does it waffle or become mundane. It excites, it thrills and it makes you laugh, for a writer to pack so much description and emotion into something so real is simply astounding.

In the same way as a child when i was dragged into the sphere of Narnia or Middle earth, Miles Cameron has created a world and an idea that is all encompassing and utterly enthralling, such that you cannot help but fall in love with the place. The magic, the politics, the pageantry all build to give the reader the fullest of fantasy reading experience and whilst book 3 answers so much, and gives so much to the reader, at the end, the possibilities abound for the next direction the writer and this world will take.

If Westeros could be made into a household name by GoT, then someone needs to wave this under the right noses at the big TV companies. This has the makings of something truly epic for more than just literature.

I highly recommend this series, not just to fantasy readers, but also Historical fiction



Traitor Son Cycle
1. The Red Knight (2012)
2. The Fell Sword (2014)
3. The Dread Wyrm (2015)
4. A Plague of Swords (2016)

Books written as Christian Cameron
1. Tyrant (2008)
2. Storm of Arrows (2009)
3. Funeral Games (2010)
4. King of the Bosporus (2011)
5. Destroyer of Cities (2013)
6. Force of Kings (2014)

Long War
1. Killer of Men (2010)
2. Marathon (2011)
3. Poseidon’s Spear (2012)
4. The Great King (2014)
5. Salamis (2015)
Tom Swan and the Head of St George
1. Castillon (2012)
2. Venice (2012)
3. Constantinople (2012)
4. Rome (2013)
5. Rhodes (2013)
6. Chios (2013)
Tom Swan and the Siege of Belgrade
1. Tom Swan and the Siege of Belgrade: Part One (2014)
2. Tom Swan and the Siege of Belgrade: Part Two (2014)
3. Tom Swan and the Siege of Belgrade: Part Three (2014)
4. Tom Swan and the Siege of Belgrade: Part Four (2015)
5. Tom Swan and the Siege of Belgrade: Part Five (2015)
6. Tom Swan and the Siege of Belgrade: Part Six (2015)
7. Tom Swan and the Siege of Belgrade: Part Seven(2015)
Tom Swan and the Last Spartans
1. Tom Swan and the Last Spartans: Part One (2016)
2. Tom Swan and the Last Spartans: Part Two (2015)
William Gold
The Ill-Made Knight (2013)
The Long Sword (2014)
Washington and Caesar (2001)
God of War (2012)


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