The Fireman by Joe Hill – trailer

Joe Hill  is the author of HEART-SHAPED BOX, HORNS, NOS4A2 -New York Times Bestsellers all  – and the Eisner-Award winningcomic book series LOCKE & KEY. Author Michael Koryta has calledhim  “simply  the  best  horror  writer  of  our  generation”  while Publisher’s Weekly has described him as “a master of his craft.”For  more  information,  please  visit,  visit, or follow @Joe_Hill on twitter

The Fireman is publishing on the 17th May 2016


Joe Hill has already earned a reputation as one of the foremost horror writers in the world – his second novel, Horns, was made into a major film starring Daniel Radcliffe in 2014 – but The Fireman marks a remarkable new direction for the bestselling author. With the epic scope of The Passage and the emotional impact of The Road, The Fireman is a gripping end-of-the-world thriller.

Set in a world overtaken by an incurable runaway pathogen that causes death by spontaneous combustion, the story follows school nurse Harper, who is determined to live long enough to deliver her baby. But when all it takes is a spark to start a deadly blaze, she’s going to need some help from the mysterious fireman. Please find more information on the press release attached.

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