Gordon Doherty : Gods & Emperors (Legionary Book 5)

Another great release from another fantastic author…… details below in the authors own note….
It’s launch day for the fifth instalment of the Legionary series, ‘Gods & Emperors’!
If you fancy trying it you can pick it up here:

If you read part four, you’ll know that things were left somewhat delicately balanced for Pavo, Gallus and the XI Claudia. This volume brings everything to a head, with emperors and vast armies marching upon Thracia to face the Gothic horde. All I’ll say is it’s going to get messy…
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Writing can be great fun, but it is quite a solitary pursuit. The nine months or so since my last release wouldn’t have been half as enjoyable without your messages of support and I’d certainly have run out of beer money had it not been for you spreading the word for me (tweeting, retweeting, Facebook sharing, telling your friend, telling your enemy – it all makes a big difference!). Thanks a million for this.
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