Noble Smith Sword of Apollo (2015) (The third book in the Warrior Trilogy series)

Noble Smith

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Noble Smith is an award-winning playwright and documentary film executive producer as well as a 16-year veteran of the interactive entertainment industry as a narrative designer, having worked on projects for Vivendi,, Snowblind and Bungie Studios. He is the author of The Wisdom of the Shire, a guide to life for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien (translated into 8 languages), praised by Kirkus Reviews as a must-have for fans of Middle-earth. He is a contributor to the fantasy/sci-fi site Legendarium, and co-host of the D&D nostalgia blog He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and children. – See more at:

Sword of Apollo (2015) (The third book in the Warrior Trilogy series)

A novel by Noble Smith



Nikias of Plataea has survived battle, shipwreck, and torture. But now the young warrior must face his greatest challenge: leading the people of his city-state on a desperate exodus to Athens while being hunted down by the largest Spartan expeditionary force in history.

From the burning forests of the legendary Mount Kithaeron, to the plague-ridden streets of Athens, to the dreaded Prison Pits of Syrakuse, Nikias has to use his fists, sword, and wits to defeat his enemies, and bring aid to a citadel cut off from the rest of the world by merciless invaders.

Award-winning author Noble Smith’s Sword of Apollo brings to a close the thrilling Warrior trilogy, set during the epic war that tore apart Ancient Greece


Well Noble Smith has managed it again, book 3 in this Warrior series is just an excellent read. Since the very first book Sons of Zeus i have been hugely impressed with the pace and narrative of the books, coupled with some highly engaging characters. each and every book has flown past. The story has always been well set in its historical time frame but without feeling a need to delve into the history too deeply, relying on the adventure of the plot and the people to carry the reader. That said the weapons, the people and the locations are well researched to give the story that authentic edge.

In this third book the story continues, and for once its not all a punishing journey for Nikias, but the young man still has much to learn and experience. He will travel further from home, the reader can experience sea adventures, battle, disease and political shenanigans.  I only wish the story handed ended so suddenly. Despite being detailed as a trilogy this story is far from over, and book 4 may be more than a year away.

I recommend this series, its great fun, highly entertaining and extremely well written


Warrior Trilogy
1. Sons of Zeus (2013)
2. Spartans at the Gates (2014)
3. Sword of Apollo (2015)
Love Death and Hate Your Foe (2014)
Stolen from Gypsies (2000)

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