Michael Arnold: Highwayman Winter Swarm

Michael Arnold

Michael lives in Hampshire with his wife and young son. His childhood holidays were spent visiting castles and battlefields, but his fascination with the civil wars was piqued partly by the fact that his hometown and region of Hampshire are steeped in Civil War history.

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“I fight for vengeance. Only vengeance. At night I dream of what was lost, and by day I look to hurt those who took it from me.”

England: December, 1655.

The nation is reeling from the turmoil of bloody civil war, the forces of King Charles have been utterly defeated and England is now in the iron grip of Oliver Cromwell’s Protectorate.

Major Samson Lyle, once a member of Cromwell’s Roundhead army, and now the infamous outlaw, Ironside Highwayman, has been forced into exile.

Scarred by the massacre of innocents in Ireland he turned his back on the all-conquering English army, but in retaliation his beloved wife Alice was tracked down and killed.

Spurred on by revenge Lyle is now the predator, not the prey. The most feared highwayman in all England, he hunts quarry on the nation’s roads. Any who performed the duties of a cog in Cromwell’s grand machine is under threat.

Along with his trusted young ward Bella, and Eustace Grumm, an irascible former smuggler, Lyle has dodged the ever-present threat of capture, but now it is time to bring the fight to his enemies…

With a brilliant scheme to bring the army to its knees, Lyle must find a way to destroy his pursuers before they destroy him …


Im a huge fan of Micheal Arnold’s writing, his main characters are always do deep and dark, filled with a rich past and a well of anger that knows no bottom. he is better known for his Stryker books, but one of my favorite pieces of his writing was Highwayman: Ironside, a novella i felt would make a fantastic start to a series. So when i saw that another had been written in this wonderful series i did a little air punch ( a big thank you to Endeavour Press ) .

Once again this is a novella a tidy little 63 pages, but packed full of deep dark characters, with Samson Lyle once again plotting hislatest form of revenge on the forces of Parliament, Arnold a master at keeping you guessing manages to pack a full story arc into these 63 pages and at the same time build some new characters, instill action, adventure and humor while keeping you on the edge of your seat form first page to the last.

Loved this, and still think the author should look for a full length novel for this character.




Civil War Chronicles
1. Traitor’s Blood (2010)
2. Devil’s Charge (2011)
3. Hunter’s Rage (2012)
4. Assassin’s Reign (2013)
5. Warlord’s Gold (2014)
6. Marston Moor (2015)
Stryker and the Angels of Death (2013)
The Prince’s Gambit (2015)


1. Ironside (2013)
2. Winter Swarm (2015)

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