SJA Turney : Praetorian: The Price of Treason

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Praetorian: The Price of Treason: Volume 2


Two years have passed since the emperor’s loyal Praetorian guardsman Gnaeus Marcius Rustius Rufinus foiled Lucilla’s great assassination plot. Plagued by the ghosts of his past, Rufinus has enacted his own form of justice upon the praetorian cavalrymen who murdered the imperial agent Dis two years earlier.

But the Fates will not let Rufinus rest. Rome is beginning to seethe with rumour and conspiracy as Perennis, the prefect of the Praetorian Guard, and Cleander, the imperial chamberlain, continue to play their ‘great game.’ With the tide of opinion turning against their commander, Rufinus and his friends embark upon a mission to save the Prefect’s family, only to uncover a plot that runs deep… to the very heart of the empire.

Armed with rare and dangerous evidence, Rufinus faces insurmountable odds in an attempt to bring the truth to light. To save his prefect. To save Rome. To save everyone he cares about.


Once again Simon Turney has managed to pull off a brilliant book. I was lucky enough to read book one of this series as it was created, and really enjoyed its difference from Marius Mules.

What i find the biggest surprise with book two is the difference again from Book 1 the Great Game , it is a much much darker and deeper  plot line as Rufinus deals with the fall out from his escapades in the Great Game. Turney covers many subjects, from PTSD to addiction. The friendship with his fellow Praetorians is explored with Simons usual wit and humor, the camaraderie and love between the men that can never be expressed in any way but abuse. We see the next tentative steps in his love life and how he uses his contacts in the upper echelons of Rome and the games of the powerful, all played out against the slow quiet war between Perennis and Cleander.

Simon Turney truly gets better with every book, the style and depth he puts into the book to draw the reader in and play out the intrigue is up there with the best in the genre. Anyone who looks at his books as “Just another self publish” is missing some of the best historical fiction out there.

this book and all his books (especially my favourite series by him “The Ottoman Cycle” ) are highly recommended.


Marius’ Mules
1. The Conquest of Gaul (2009)
aka The Invasion of Gaul
2. The Belgae (2010)
3. Gallia Invicta (2011)
4. Conspiracy of Eagles (2012)
5. Hades’ Gate (2013)
6. Caesar’s Vow (2014)
7. The Great Revolt (2014)
8. Sons of Taranis (2015)
Prelude to War (2014)

Tales of the Empire
1. Interregnum (2009)
2. Ironroot (2010)
3. Dark Empress (2011)
Ottoman Cycle
1. The Thief’s Tale (2013)
2. The Priest’s Tale (2013)
3. The Assassin’s Tale (2014)
4. The Pasha’s Tale (2015)
1. The Great Game (2015)
2. The Price of Treason (2015)
A Year of Ravens (2015) (with Ruth Downie, Stephanie Dray, E E Knight, Kate Quinn, Vicky Alvear Shecter, SJA Turney and Russell Whitfield)
Tales of Ancient Rome (2011)

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