Robert Fabbri: The Alexandrian Embassy (Review)


Robert Fabbri was born in Geneva in 1961. He was educated at Christ’s Hospital School, Horsham and London University. He worked for twenty-five years as an assistant director in the film and television industries.

Having had his fair share of long, cold nights standing in the rain in muddy fields and unbearably hot days in deserts or stuffy sound stages he decided to start writing.

Being a life-long ancient war-gamer with a collection of over 3,500 hand-painted 25mm lead soldiers and a lover of Roman Historical Fiction the subject matter was obvious.

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The Alexandrian Embassy

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The Alexandrian Embassy

AD 39: Rome. Marcus Salvius Magnus, leader of the Crossroads Brotherhood, is buying a dangerous cargo of illegal weaponry. When a deal which will ensure Magnus’s dominance over Rome’s criminal underworld goes sour, Magnus must regain the shipment by any means necessary…

As the rival West Viminal Brotherhood threatens his whole operation, Magnus fights to outwit his opponents whilst juggling the threat of the law and the demands of his patron. With enemies, plots and intrigue on all sides, can Magnus manage to evade death long enough to emerge victorious?


This novella astounded me when i checked the page count, 61 pages. It flew past, but at the same time it always felt like a full complete storyline.

The Crossroads brotherhood is excellent, funny, imaginative and action packed, a real page turner. I like to save these for special occasions (in this case Christmas) to have the time to sit and enjoy the full thrill ride from start to finish in one sitting.

I really hope that one day Magnus can have his own novel, or feature fully in the Vespasian series, he is my fav character in Fabbris world of Rome. This story continues the look at the working of the brotherhood and Magnus relationship with various members of the Roman elite. it also offers some great little looks at the political landscape and the progress of Vespasian and his family.

if you have not tried the Vespasian series then any of the Crossroads Brotherhood is an excellent way to dip your toe into his writing style, and also enjoy a great tale.

one of my favorite authors




1. Tribune of Rome (2011)
2. Rome’s Executioner (2012)
3. False God of Rome (2013)
4. Rome’s Fallen Eagle (2013)
5. Masters of Rome (2014)
6. Rome’s Lost Son (2015)
7. Furies of Rome (2016)
Vespasian Vol 1-3 (omnibus) (2014)
The Alexandrian Embassy (2015)



Crossroads Brotherhood Trilogy
1.5. The Crossroads Brotherhood (2011)
2.5. The Racing Factions (2013)
3.5. The Dreams of Morpheus (2014)
The Crossroads Brotherhood Trilogy (omnibus) (2015)

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