The Best books of 2015

With Pen and Sword


I agree that there’s some false advertising in the title.  First, I admit that many of my choices are books written before Christ was born; second, that they are purely subjectively the best.  Really, what we’re looking at here is my reading habits.  These are the books that I liked best in 2015.

I’ll start with the most brilliant novel I’ve read in a long time… perhaps ever, and certainly within easy memory.  It is Elena Ferrante‘s ‘My Brilliant Friend’ (not pictured) and the second volume ‘The Story of a New Name.’  Now, as I mostly write about military history, I have to assume that most of the folks who read my blog love military history, so I need to offer the following disclaimer.  In the whole of Elena Ferrente, there is not a shred of military history.  The truth is that almost anything I say about these…

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