Giles Kristian & Lancelot !!


A number one bestseller with Wilbur Smith’s Golden Lion, acclaimed for his rip-roaring Viking trilogies ‘The Raven Saga’ and ‘The Rise of Sigurd’, which come to a triumphant conclusion in December with Wings of the Storm, GILES KRISTIAN is, for his next historical adventure, plunging into the rich waters of what many feel is our greatest island ‘history’: the Arthurian legend.

Through Bill Hamilton at A. M. Heath, Transworld’s Simon Taylor has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights in Lancelot: The Betrayal plus a second novel. Scheduled for early 2018, Lancelot will offer readers a rather different telling of the story of the most celebrated of King Arthur’s knights. ‘This is such an exciting prospect’, said Taylor, ‘the dream pairing of a superb storyteller, renowned for his visceral, thrumming writing, with a tale that’s ready to be reimagined for our times. It’s a warrior’s tale, full of battles and bloodshed, of course, but it’s also a story of friendship, of betrayal – and let’s not forget there’s a great love story in there too. What’s more it’s a story imbued with the magic and superstition that was such an integral part of the enchanted landscape of post-Roman Britain.’

Transworld Publisher Bill Scott-Kerr added: ‘In Giles’ hands, this epic tale is going to be brought roaring to life for a new generation of reader. Here’s a historical novel that’s going to appeal across genders and genres.’


Personally i cannot wait the last interpretations of this legend that really worked for me were

Warlord Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell
1. The Winter King (1995)
2. Enemy of God (1996)
3. Excalibur (1997)


David Gemmell

1. Ghost King (1988)
2. Last Sword of Power (1988)

Giles is one of the few stand out authors i feel can tackle such an epic tale and pull it off… not just that, given his books have either been my book of the year of been in the top 5 since 2009, i feel we have an epic new series coming. So watch his Author web site for more detail


1. Blood Eye (2009)
2. Sons of Thunder (2010)
3. Odin’s Wolves (2011)
Bleeding Land
1. The Bleeding Land (2012)
2. Brothers’ Fury (2013)
Rise of Sigurd
1. God of Vengeance (2014)
2. Winter’s Fire (2016)
3. Wings of the Storm (2016)
Golden Lion (2015) (with Wilbur Smith)
The Terror (2014)

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