James Benmore: Dodger of the Revolution (review)

James Benmore

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James Benmore studied literature at the Open University and has since completed an MSt in Creative Writing at Oxford University. He won the AM Heath prize in 2010 for best work of fiction by a writer graduating from Kellogg College. His short stories have been published in various anthologies. He lives in London

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Dodger of the Revolution  (2016)
(The third book in the Dodger series)

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The Artful Dodger faces his most dangerous adventure yet as he leaves Dickensian London and finds himself manning the barricades in defence of liberty, fraternity and larceny in the 1848 Paris uprising.

For Dodger, life as a criminal kingpin is losing its allure. Leading a gang of petty thieves from the Seven Dials is not as easy as Fagin made it look and after a year in charge Jack Dawkins has been reduced to a shadow of the man who used to be the envy of every pickpocket in London. Opium-addicted and heavy-fingered, Dodger is fast becoming a laughing stock on his own patch until a chance encounter leads him to Paris and a job like nothing he’s had before.

In a city alive with rebellion, Dodger must avoid assassins, jilted lovers and revolutionaries, and rediscover his touch if he is to lift his most precious treasure yet.

The third in the James Benmore’s acclaimed series continuing the story of the Artful Dodger, this book confirms Jack Dawkins as one of the great fiction characters.


Dodger is back…. i always enjoy his return. Book 3 in the series, a series which has always been an unexpected delight. This time our slippery “Ne’er-do-well” is not the power house of charming crime we have seen in the past. His life has caught up to him in the form of Opium. An addict heading for an early grave if not for some help, which arrives in the form of personal loss and some desperate French citizens.

The need from these desperate continentals takes Dodger to France and away from his addiction, into the mouth of revolution. James Benmore takes not one but two classics on in this book, as he combines into the tales of Dodger… the descendants of another well known family … see if you pick up the book and whom.

As always with this series this is a fast ride, many great characters written in such a fast engaging style. The light-hearted tone that carried us through the last two books is still there but wrapped around a much more serious plot of addiction and revolution. James Benmore nails the right tone with this book, and as ever sets up a breathless final escapade that has you clinging to the edge of the page until the end.

a series not to be missed



1. Dodger (2013)
2. Dodger of the Dials (2014)
3. Dodger of the Revolution (2016)

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