Steven A McKay: Blood of the Wolf (Review)

(In his own words)

My name is Steven A. McKay and I’m a writer from Old Kilpatrick, near Glasgow in Scotland, heavily influenced by the likes of Bernard Cornwell, Douglas Jackson, Ben Kane et al.

My first book in the Forest Lord series, Wolf’s Head, was set in medieval England and it’s a fast-paced, violent retelling of the Robin Hood legends. It hit the number 1 spot in the UK “War” chart, reached the overall Kindle top 20 bestsellers list and is available on Kindle, audiobook and paperback from Amazon here:

As I write, in October 2016, I’m just about to publish the fourth and final book in the series, Blood of the Wolf. I think my take on the Robin Hood legend is quite different to anything that’s been done before – check out the reviews to see for yourself.

In total, including my two novellas, Knight of the Cross and Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil, I’ve sold over 75,000 books in the past three years with hundreds of five star reviews for them.  As a working class man from a little village in Scotland, I’m honestly amazed at how many people enjoy my books.

Thank you all so much for reading!

Author Website

Robin Hood author
Blood of the Wolf: Volume 4 (The Forest Lord)
ROBIN HOOD RETURNS! And this time the legendary wolf’s head is working for the sheriff… After winning his freedom in Rise of the Wolf, Robin – with his faithful lieutenant John Little at his side – now spends his days travelling around northern England dispensing King Edward II’s justice. When a new band of outlaws appears in Barnsdale, Sheriff Henry de Faucumberg sends Robin and John to deal with them. Before the lawmen can track them down though, Will Scaflock is attacked and another of their old companions murdered in his own home by the outlaws whose leader seems to have only one thing on his mind: Bloody vengeance! Will Robin’s reunited gang be enough to defeat this savage new threat that seeks to wipe them out one by one? Or will another old foe provide the final twist that sees England’s greatest longbowman dead and buried? This stunning conclusion to the bestselling Forest Lord series will delight and entertain readers looking for action packed historical fiction in the mould of Scarrow, Kane and Cornwell! “McKay calls time on his highly original Robin Hood series with a gripping, action packed finale.” – Parmenion Books Praise for RISE OF THE WOLF: “This is the best Robin Hood you are ever going to encounter.” Professor Andrew A. Latham on
I think the cover quote above says most of what i need to: “McKay calls time on his highly original Robin Hood series with a gripping action packed finale”.
Steven has been kind enough to think i know what i’m talking about and allows me an early look at his books. Something i have enjoyed immensely with this series. This Robin Hood isn’t your Lincoln green wearing maverick do gooder. He is just a kid who has some skills, can lead men and wants to stay one step ahead of the noose. By this 4th book in the series he had outrun the noose and he is now the law. This is a clever plot device from McKay showing the shifted perception of his men, his people and family, their views on how power can corrupt even a good man, how the desire to do good can be warped by the need to create something, some wealth for your family.
The introduction of a known bad guy also lends a cyclical inevitability to the story, and this bad guy is an evil SOB, makes Gisbourne look sane and reasoned. This added to the return of all our old favorites from Robins gang makes for an action packed final story. Mckay can pull out all the stops, all  characters can be up for grabs when its the last book, anyone can die in any fashion, which adds more of an edge of the seat feeling to the tale, there is no holding back for future plot lines…. who will make it to the end for a happy ever after?
go buy the book.. find out yourself…. if you have not read the rest go buy the series. This is a great fun read, don’t miss it.



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