Anthony Riches: Centurions (ALL NEW SERIES) News!


Author Bio: (in the authors own words….and “borrowed” from his web site)

Following a childhood which featured a deep interest in the military rooted in my father and grandfather’s service in the two world wars, I took a degree in Military Studies at Manchester University. Working for a succession of blue chip companies over the next twenty five years,
I gravitated into business systems and change project management, and I’ve worked as a freelance project manager in the UK and Europe, the USA, the Middle and Far East over the last decade.

Over the same period I’ve gradually refined my ability to write fiction, initially for my own entertainment but more recently with the serious aim of achieving my debut publication. The manuscript of Wounds of Honour eked out a precarious ten year existence on a succession of computer hard drives and memory sticks until a life changing encounter in Belfast energised me to rewrite the manuscript and seek publication. Thanks Gerry!

I’ve been married to Helen, our family’s only true adult for 25 years now, and we live in Hertfordshire with our three children. I’m a confirmed petrol head, and I spend my spare time listening to music, reading (mainly on planes going to and coming back from work) and surfing internet car reviews with a purposeful glint in my eye.

book cover of Betrayal

Rome, AD 68. Nero has committed suicide. One hundred years of imperial rule by the descendants of Julius Caesar has ended, and chaos rules.

His successor Galba dismisses the incorruptible Germans of the Imperial Bodyguard for the crime of loyalty to the dead emperor. Ordering them back to their homeland he releases a Batavi officer from a Roman prison to be their prefect. But Julius Civilis is not the loyal servant of empire that he seems.

Four centurions, two Batavi and two Roman, will be caught up in the intrigues and the battles that follow – as friends, as victims, as leaders and as enemies.

Hramn is First Spear of the Bodyguard. Fiercely proud of his men’s honour, and furious at their disgrace, he leads them back to the Batavi homeland to face an uncertain future.

Alcaeus is a centurion with the tribe’s cohorts serving Rome on the northern frontier – men whose fighting skills prove crucial as Roman vies with Roman for the throne. A wolf-priest of Hercules, he wields the authority of his god and his own fighting prowess.

Marius is a Roman, first spear of the Fifth Legion: a self-made man who hates politics, but cannot avoid them in a year of murderous intrigue.

Aquillius, former first spear of the Eighth Augustan, like Hramn, is in disgrace for refusing to dishonour his oath of loyalty. But their paths will lead them to opposite sides of an unforgiving war.

And Civilis, Kivilaz to his countrymen, heroic leader, Roman citizen and patriotic Batavi, will change both the course of the Empire’s destiny and that of the centurions.


But that’s not all

photo-25-11-2016-13-50-30 photo-25-11-2016-13-51-15 photo-25-11-2016-13-52-06

Each book in the new series Betrayal, Onslaught and Retribution will have a Prologue, each Prologue will be portrayed in a glorious 8 page short Graphic Novel. Having read the first with some stunning art from Dave Leahey, i cant help but draw some comparison to the art for 2000Ad’s Slaine…. which is some of my all time fav Graphic Novel goodness.

This is just a splendid idea, and something i have been looking for for some time, something new and utterly engaging. This is the Graphic Novel equivalent of the Filmed book trailer and does it to great effect.

Expect to see more of this, and cross your fingers for full novel versions.

Pre Order from Amazon

Also expect some great competitions

one lucky ready will win a silver denarius from AD74

there’ll also be a gold aureus from AD78 for one super lucky person at the end of the trilogy

Register with Anthony Riches website to keep up to speed with this and more.

Home Page




1. Wounds of Honour (2009)
2. Arrows of Fury (2010)
3. Fortress of Spears (2011)
4. The Leopard Sword (2012)
5. The Wolf’s Gold (2012)
6. The Eagle’s Vengeance (2013)
7. The Emperor’s Knives (2014)
8. Thunder of the Gods (2015)
9. Altar of Blood (2016)
The Empire Collection Books I-3 (omnibus) (2017)


1. Betrayal (2017)
2. Onslaught (2017)

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One response to “Anthony Riches: Centurions (ALL NEW SERIES) News!

  1. Rod

    Hello again, I wish my idea was popped into my head by grey eyed Athena, but really it is just a fantasy of mine.

    1. When i win the lottery and i assume it will be at least 40-50 Mil. i wish to hire/collaborate with Christian/you to finance the writing of a series? of books and publish them…..THE definitive Trojan War Story. Lord of the pen, Christian is the only choice i have ever found for this endeavor. I am also hoping that I will have enough money to finance it all, especially a limited illustrated edition. This wouldnt be for the general public because i dont wish to taint their imaginings, but just a few editions illustrated by some great artist (prob unkown) with Christian’s vision….(with, if i may be so bold. input from you and I as readers and aficionado’s of the genre). This edition would have be larger than the regular edition so that the paintings are clear, it would also include many more maps. Hopefully this would eventually be all paid for by the “regular” edition’s sales. I know this would be THE definitive for many decades, maybe forever, (but dont tell Christian that, he has enough “pressure”….and also I am hoping it will be just like his writing of the Long War and Tyrant, because they are already “classics”). . We already have the tie in to the other series, the hero buried on the mountain in Plataea. The only other writer even close to what this would be is David Gemmell’s Lord of the Silver Bow series.

    2. The big prob is of course that though I know I will win the lottery, I don’t know when that will be. So in the meantime, does anyone else we know have the money to fund something like this? Or it is crazy to think that we, the readers could?

    I had just had to say this to someone. thanks for letting my bother you once more and if this is just too crazy, that’s ok too.


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