Most Anticipated for 2017

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Every Year i try to pull together a list of as many books that i can think of, that will be worth reading in the coming year.

for 2017 that means all of the below. I have included art work where it exists, and links to where you can pre-order and read about the book.

Pre-orders are great for authors, they show there is demand…. so go bankrupt yourself like me, and order as many of these excellent titles as you dare, and keep coming back for reviews of those you missed and i will do my best to let you know if they are worth your cash…. (im sure they are, these are all amazing writers.

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Michael Arnold Stryker 7 21st Sept 2017

Pre Order Stryker 7

Anthony Riches Betrayal : Centurions 1 9th March 2017

Pre Order Betrayal

Anthony Riches: Onslaught (The Centurions 2) 21st Sept 2017

Pre Order Onslaught

Christian Cameron: Untitled (Chivalry)  17th May 2017

Pre Order Untitled (Chivalry)

Christian Cameron: The Green Count  Chivalry book 3 13th July 2017

Pre Order Green Count

Angus Donald: Bloods Game October 2017

Neil Gaiman : Norse Mythology 7th Feb 2017

Pre Order Norse Mythology

Julian Stockwin: Persephone (18) 18th May 2017

James Heneage: By Blood Divided 1st June 2017

Pre-Order By Blood Divided

David Gilman: Vipers Blood 9th Feb 2017

Pre-Order Vipers Blood

James Wilde: Pendragon 13th July 2017

Pre-Order Pendragon

Christian Cameron : Tudor Knight  18th Jan 2018

Pre-Order Tudor Knight

Christian Cameron:

Last of the Spartans Part 3  9th March 2017

Pre-Order Last of the Spartans Part 3

Last of the Spartans Part 4  13th April 2017

Pre-Order Last of the Spartans Part 4

Last of the Spartans Part 5  11th May 2017

Pre-Order Last of the Spartans Part 5

Ian Ross: The Mask of Command 12th Jan 2017

Pre-Order The Mask of Command

Robyn Young: Court of Wolves (2) 27th June 2017

Pre-Order Court of the Wolves

Robert Fabbri: Arminius 5th Jan 2017

Pre-Order Arminius

SD Sykes : City of Masks 15th June 2017

Pre-Order City of Masks

Simon Scarrow: Eagles of Empire (16)  19th Oct 2017

Pre-Order Simon Scarrow

Douglas Jackson : Glory of Rome 10th Aug 2017

Pre-Order Glory of Rome

Paul Fraser Collard: The True Soldier 13th July 2017

Pre-Order The True Soldier

Jane Johnson: Court of Lions 6th July 2017

Pre-Order Court of Lions

Tony Clements: Kingmaker : Kingdom Come 1st June 2017

Pre-Order Kingdom Come

Conn Iggulden: Dunstan 4th May 2017

Pre-Order Dunstan

Geraint Jones : Blood Forest 6th April 2017

Pre-Order Blood Forest

Tim Severin: Freebooter (Pirate) 9th March 2017

Pre-Order Freebooter

A D Swanston: Incendium 23rd Feb 2017

Pre-Order Incendium

Alex Gough: Carbo (3) Date 1st Quarter 2017

Steve A McKay: The Abbey of Death 1st Quarter 2017

SJA Turney: Marius’ Mules X: Fields of Mars 20th Feb 2017

SJA Turney: Praetorian 3: Eagles of Dacia May 2017

SJA Turney: Tales of the Empire 5: Invasion Aug/ Sept 2017

Gordon Doherty Legionary 6: Empire of Shades – summer 2017

Gordon Doherty: Empires of Bronze vol 1 2017

Kin of Cain: A Short Bernicia Tale by [Harffy, Matthew]

Matthew Harffy: Kin of Cain 1st March 2017

Pre-Order Kin of Cain

Killer of Kings (The Bernicia Chronicles Book 4) by [Harffy, Matthew]

Matthew Harffy: Killer of Kings 1st June 2017

Pre-Order Killer of Kings

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Ruth Kozak: The Field of Hades 2017

Edward Ruadh Butler: Lord of the Sea Castle 1st June 2017

Prue Batten: Cabinet of Curiosities Oct/ Nov 2017

Harry Sidebottom: The Last Hour 2017

Martin Lake: Fire in the Blood Spring 2017

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Tad Williams: The Heart of What Was Lost: 31st Jan 2017

Pre Order The Heart of What Was Lost

Tad Williams : Empire of Grass Book 2 of the Last King of Osten Ard 5th Oct 2017

Pre Order Empire of Grass

Alex Marshall: A War in Crimson Embers 10th Sept 2017

Pre Order A War in Crimson Embers

Miles Cameron : The Fall of Dragons 19th Oct 2017

Pre-Order Fall of Dragons

Darien - Die Herrschaft der Zwölf: Roman (German Edition) by [Iggulden, Conn]

C V Iggulden : Darien (Empire of Salt)  27th July 2017 (could only find a german cover)

Peter V Brett: The Core 10th Aug 2017

Pre Order The Core

Nicholas Eames: Kings of the Wyld (The band book 1) 21st Feb 2017

Pre Order Kings of the Wyld

Bradley Beaulieu: With Blood upon the Sand 7th Feb 2017

Pre Order With Blood upon the Sand

Sebastian De Castell: Tyrants Throne (book 4)

Pre Order Tyrants Throne

Anna Smith Spark: The Court of Broken Knives 29th June 2017

Pre-Order Court of Broken Knives

Michael J Sullivan: Age of Swords (2) 20th June 2017

Pre-Order Age of Swords

Peter Newman: The Seven (2) 20th April 2017

Pre-Order The Seven

Anthony Ryan: The Legion of Flame 6th July 2017

Pre-Order Legion of flame

Mark Lawrence: Red Sister

Pre-Order Red Sister

Raymond Fiest : King of Ashes 18th Jan 2017

Pre-Order King of Ashes

Miles Cameron: The Master (Master and Mages) 11th Janl 2018

Pre-Order The Master

John Hornor Jacobs: Infernal Machines 27th July 2017

Pre-Order Infernal Machines

Antoine Rouaud: The Ember in the ashes 16 Nov 2017

Pre-Order Ember in the Ashes

Elizabeth May: The Fallen Kingdom 15th June 2017

Pre-Order Fallen Kingdom

Robin Hobb Assassins Fate 4th May 2017

Pre-Order Assassins Fate

Neil Oliver: The Black Glass 16th Nov 2017

Pre-Order The Black Glass

Scott Oden: A Gathering of Ravens 29th June 2017

Pre-Order Gathering of Ravens

Image result for Thrillers

Image result for Crime fiction

Robert Lautner: The Draughtsman 9th Feb 2017

Pre-Order The Draughtsman

David Gemmell : Rhyming Rings 18th May 2017

Pre Order Rhyming Rings

Terry Hayes: The Year of the Locust 24 August 2017

Pre Order Year of the Locust

Image result for action thriller

Dan Brown: Origin (Robert Langdon) 26th Sept 2017

Pre Order Origin

Simon Toyne: The Boy who Saw 15th June 2017

Pre Order The Boy who Saw

Clive Cussler: Nighthawk (Numa) 30th May 2017

Pre-Order Nigh Hawk

Clive Cussler: The Cutthroat (Issac bell) 14th March 2017

Pre-Order The Cutthroat

Steve Berry: The lost Order 4th April 2017

Pre-Order The Lost Order

Michael Crichton: Dragon Teeth 1st June 2017

Pre-Order Dragon Teeth

Image result for scifi fiction

Pierce Brown: Iron Gold 1 24th August 2017

Pre Order Iron Gold 1


Image result for Horror/ Urban Fantasy  & Image result for Horror

Paul Crilley: Department Zero 24th Jan 2017

Pre-Order Dept Zero

Paul Crilley: Clockwork City Delphic Division 2 17th Aug 2017

Pre Order Clockwork City

Angela Slatter: Corpselight 13th July 2017

Pre Order Corpselight

Alex Scarrow: Re-Born 29th June 2017

Pre Order Reborn

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  1. Thanks for including Kings of the Wyld! Much appreciated!

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