Parmenions Fav Books of 2017

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The best of 2017… (a very personal view)

Every year i do one of these posts, and its always arrogantly titled “The Best of….” when in reality its Parmenions Fav Books of 2017…so thats why this year we have a title change.

As with every other year im going to split out by genre… and will call out the occasional special mention for the hugely popular blog posts, so while it may not have won my fav book it was very popular in terms of people kindly reading the review.


So categories… The books listed are the ones i narrowed it down to… and then my Favorite for the year.

Historical Fiction

Anthony Riches: Onslaught and Betrayal


Conn Iggulden: Dunstan


James Wilde: Pendragon

 Christian Cameron: Green Count

Angus Donald: Bloods Game


Harry Sidebottom: Last Hour

Paul Collard: True Soldier

Winner is
Christian Cameron: Green Count
… which to be honest surprises no one, and so i felt that i also had to have a supporting book, i am i admit such a fan of Christians writing, and that this book was truly excellent… but, someone else also needs a look in.


So joint winner Paul Collard with True Soldier, i felt that there was so much growth in the Jack Lark character in this book, he and the writing had matured to a new level, truly cementing the series as something special in the genre.

Fantasy Fiction

Mark Lawrence: Red Sister


Miles Cameron: Fall of Dragons


Sebastian DeCastell: Tyrants Throne


This genre comes down to 3 simply amazing books, 2 series ending books of such astounding writing they left me exhausted by the desire to read just one more page… just one more, until i would fall asleep at 3 or 4 in the morning book in hand. and then Red Sister one of the best books to start a series i have read, Mark Lawrence is truly one of the best wordsmiths of his craft. Picking a winner for this genre was impossible…. no i mean it, utterly impossible, each book on its own merits has astounding brilliance. so I have for the first time decided to have a 3 way tie… Not only does this show the quality of these books, but the quality of the work in this genre.


I hate Sci-Fi, so there is only one winner, the only one i read, Pierce Brown and Iron Gold, continuing the simply excellent Red rising series, its quality is shown by the fact i love this series while having a deep dislike of reading this genre.



Victoria Aveyard: Kings Cage. a simply wonderfully well written and imagined series.



There is only one winner in this category for me: Ezekiel Boone: Skitter, the second book in the B moviesque plot for Spider invasions… wonderfully written and imagined.


James Rollins: who lets face it wins nearly every year, but Demon Crown is both scary as hell and thrilling as can be, it was a book i powered through and devoured every page of in a single afternoon.

Self Publication

Michael Whithead and Legion of the Dean: Rise and Fall, the second book in this self published series and one that has shown so much growth from book one and was so very entertaining, Rome and Zombies… whats not to love.

Image result for Michael Whitehead rise and fall

Genre Busting…

Steven Saville: Glass Town, a book that is very outside my normal reading, and yet it intrigued me, dazzled me and won me over. I could put it into a single genre, but it deserved to be called out for the wonderfully well imagined and written plot.

Special Mention

As i mentioned, there would be special mention for the top blog posts of the year….

so top 5 in reverse order..

5: Raymond E Feist:  Jimmy the Crawler: year in year out this review pulls in readers, with 18,600 views

4: Mark Lawrence: Red Sister with 28,900

3: Conn Iggulden: Dunstan with 54,400

2: C F Iggulden: Darien with 72,200

and the winner… by some way (considering its also the newest out of all the below)

1: Miles Cameron: Fall of Dragons 109,800 (the first every review with over 100k clicks)


Finally the Parmenion Books book of the year 2017…..where i take, pure enjoyment, above writing quality or anything else, just the pure thrill of reading, the thing that makes this a joy not a job….

Winner: Sebastian DeCastell Tyrants Throne. While it couldn’t take the fantasy genre on its own, that for me had more intangibles inc the writing etc… but my book of the year is just the book that for me is fun, it demands nothing from me but gives and gives, in action, adventure, thrills and laughs… this ended a series that sits as one of my all time favorite.



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2 responses to “Parmenions Fav Books of 2017

  1. Wow. First many thanks. Second, the final nudge I needed to read Paul Collard and Sebastien de Castell.

  2. Oden

    Next year, I’ll try the Klingon way of advancement and shank my competition 😀 Good list, and congrats to the authors!

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