Anthony Riches: Retribution (review)

Anthony Riches

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began his lifelong interest in war and soldiers when he first heard his father’s stories about World War II. This led to a degree in Military Studies at Manchester University. He began writing the story that would become Wounds of Honour after a visit to Housesteads in 1996. He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and three children.

Retribution  (2018)
(The third book in the Centurions series)

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Victory is in sight for Kivilaz and his Batavi army. The Roman army clings desperately to its remaining fortresses along the Rhine, its legions riven by dissent and mutiny, and once-loyal allies of Rome are beginning to imagine the unimaginable: freedom from the rulers who have dominated them since the time of Caesar.

The four centurions – two Batavi and two Roman, men who were once comrades in arms – must find their destiny in a maze of loyalties and threats, as the blood tide of war ebbs and flows across Germania and Gaul.

For Rome does not give up its territory lightly. And a new emperor knows that he cannot tolerate any threat to his undisputed power. It can only be a matter of time before Vespasian sends his legions north to exact the empire’s retribution.


Book Three of Anthony Riches brilliant new series, with any trilogy the expectation is clear….. can he finish it with style and energy or will it be a damp squib of an ending?

Was the result ever in doubt? I’ve not read a book yet by Anthony Riches that was anything but a thrill ride and Retribution continues that epic roll of fantastic books.

The Centurions series has always felt like something new, a series taking a more serious edge to the writing than Empire usually does (don’t get me wrong, Empire is one of my Fav series), but the writing of Kivilaz and the Batavi has always felt more serious, more intense and more sweepingly intense as a historical period than the exploits of Two Knives and Dubnus.

Book Three pulls together all the threads from the previous books, not only does the author fully tie every thread off with a flourish, but the book romps along at a breakneck pace, more though, the book contains some very raw emotion driven by the betrayals, the deaths and the culmination of the Batavi mutiny. For a story based on history, somehow Antony Riches has you guessing and hoping for a different outcome, that history can change and the Batavi can win their independance.

Anthony Riches has always managed to surprise me with who he feels capable of killing in a book and the twisted machinations of his mind. But with this book he has managed to surprise me in new ways, that an author can write something so different, and yet maintain his pace and wonderful characterization.  This book will be right up there at the end of the year, butting heads for a spot in the top 10 of the year, its a do not miss book and series.


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