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Nathan Hawke
UK (1968 – )

A pseudonym used by Stephen Deas
Nathan Hawke is a British writer of fantasy fiction. He has worked variously in the City, as a consultant to the police and to the services. He has travelled in the far east, worked for a time in Las Vegas, was briefly involved in video game design, and once skied off a mountain under a parachute for a bet. His current ambitions include rafting the Colerado River and walking the Milford Track.The Gallow series are his first novels.


I fought for my king for seven long years. I have served lords and held my shield beside common men. I have fled in defeat and I have tasted victory and I will tell you which is sweeter. Despise me then, for I have slain more of your kin than I can count, though I remember every single face.

“Perfect for fans of historical fiction who want a little more bite to their reading, this trilogy earned rave reviews from authors such as Conn Iggulden and James Barclay.
It’s been two years since my Gallow books were published by Gollancz. In the normal run of things the third book in the trilogy would be coming out about now and I’d be submitting the manuscript for a fourth (or not) having been contracted (or not) for more at some point over the last six months. But that’s not how we did this. If you’ve been reading the series then you’ll know that all three came out in consecutive months back in 2013. If you haven’t then the good news is that there’s an omnibus of all three novels and about a dozen little shorts…
book cover of Gallow
(And if you’ve already got the novels, the shorts are all available for free via a rather neat little interactive map thing at  ).
I wanted Gallow to be something a bit modern and a bit retrospective. I wanted the visceral grit of modern fantasy but with a more solid hero, less moral ambiguity (you want moral ambiguity? Go read Stephen Deas’ Dragon Queen). A formidable warrior in his day, Gallow has settled down to peaceful family life only to find himself torn between duty to his people, duty to his family and duty to his own code. Actually I think moral people can be a lot more fun to write, in that it’s much easier to put them into a really difficult dilemma. So yes, there are a few of those. He’s also an outsider among his adopted people, which doesn’t go down too well when his own kith and kin start swinging axes about the place, and no matter whether Gallow stands against them. Life gets as difficult as a heartless author can make it, but Gallow will generally try to do the right thing. That’s the hero I wanted to write back then and it’s the hero I want to write now.
There’s a down side to publishing three books in quick succession though. What’s happened since is . . . an awful lot of nothing. But here’s where anyone who wants to can actually help. See, Gallow did well enough that my editor at Gollancz is keen to do more. I’ve got outlines. They’re good and I really want to write them. But to convince the dragons of Sales and Marketing I need some help with the three shorts Gollancz published earlier this year.
Shorts? What shorts?
Exactly. THESE shorts.
You want to know what happened to the Eyes of Time? You want to know about the drowned tomb under the lake? There’s The Anvil, in which Arda gives Gallow a taste of his own medicine. There’s Solace, in which Mirrahj does Gallow’s job for him; and then there’s Dragon’s Reach, in which Oribas meddles with things with which perhaps he shouldn’t; and if none of these names make any sense, that’s because you haven’t read The Fateguard Trilogy yet!
I need the dragons of Sales and Marketing not to have an excuse to say no. Because I really, really want to write Gallow some more. I can’t promise Gollancz will go for more if the shorts pick up. I can’t say for sure they won’t if they don’t. I can say that here’s an opportunity to make a difference.
So: as they say… Buy My Book (or at least my shorts)! Gallow is, to an extent, in your hand.
Thank you.
– Nathan Hawke
From Parmenion:
I personally love these books, the artwork is some of the best in recent years for any fantasy book, and thats just a prelude for the brilliant contents:

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