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Sarah Pinborough: The Language of Dying (review)

About Sarah Pinborough
Sarah Pinborough was born in 1972 in Buckinghamshire, and now lives just a few miles away after a childhood travelling all over the world (her father, now retired, was a diplomat) . . . until, aged eight, she packed her trunk and left the Middle East for a ten-year stretch in boarding school. The memories provide her with much material for her horror and supernatural thrillers . .
About the book
A woman sits beside her father’s bedside as the night ticks away the final hours of his life. As she watches over her father, she relives the past week and the events that brought the family together . . . and she recalls all the weeks before that served to pull it apart.There has never been anything normal about the lives raised in this house. It seems to her that sometimes her family is so colourful that the brightness hurts, and as they all join together in this time of impending loss she examines how they came to be the way they are and how it came to just be her, the drifter, that her father came home to die with.

But, the middle of five children, the woman has her own secrets . . . particularly the draw that pulled her back to the house when her own life looked set to crumble. And sitting through her lonely vigil, she remembers the thing she saw out in the fields all those years ago . . . the thing that they found her screaming for outside in the mud. As she peers through the familiar glass, she can’t help but hope and wonder if it will come again.

Because it’s one of those night, isn’t it dad? A special terrible night. A full night. And that’s always when it comes. If it comes at all.

I have had to look deep before writing this review, i read the 144 page book twice in a few days. On the surface for some it may be simple to wave it away as a bit morbid, a bit depressing, lets fave it the book on the surface is about a man dying of cancer.
But as much as there is a man dying of cancer its about the woman, about how she is and isn’t coping, how she feels about her family, how she loves and hurts over her siblings, how she has cocooned herself in her childhood whilst trying to recover from her adulthood, about how where she has always felt in the family. All the introspection that someone would feel during a massively traumatic experience, its the same introspection we turn on ourselves in smaller and or greater levels when dealing with life.
For me the language of introspection is the language of dying, we are all dying, we are all dealing with dying and death, life is about death and how well we get there, you cannot escape it. (she oh so nearly broke me when the son Davey, despite everything steps up and takes his father for a wash… so close, massive lump in throat).
Sarah Pinborough’s writing in this case is beautiful, it whilst one of the shortest books i have read this year is one that has made me stop and assess and think the most. It is also one of the books i will recommend the most. (some of you will not enjoy the experience, but you cannot fail to enjoy the writing).  I still don’t know that i have come close to writing the impact of this little book, but i tried, and that should tell you enough about the quality of it.
Now i need (and i do mean need) to go and read some of the Dog faced gods series, i finally get what people have been saying about her writing.
For anyone on twitter wanting to chat with her @SarahPinborough  she is the life and soul of the tiwitterverse, so pop along.
do not miss this book, it is an experience as much as a read.
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