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Thorkil Jewelry..and more.

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They are a small family business, based in Poland, with 12 years experience in making replicas of arms and armour for reenactors, collectors and museums. Greg (thorkil) is known especially for his replicas of Vendel period and Viking finds and other projects, which needs skill to recreate the most difficult and elaborate decoration on arms and armour. Most of these creations you can see on their main web site : (link above)

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Normally i review books, so this is an interesting move to a different art form.  (and this really is art)

These bracelets are thick, unique, impressive and eye-catching silver Viking style, mine being sized from 18cm to 20cm. This is a completely hand-made bracelet, consisting of plaiting, hand woven in so-called Viking knitting technique of fine silver wire, ended with faithful replica of Gotlandic dragon head terminals cast in sterling silver.

The bracelet is made using Viking knitting technique:

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This bracelet has a stiff construction, but at the same time it is flexible enough, to be easily fitted (bent) to your wrist size.
Thanks to this construction, this bracelet fits many sizes – from 18 cm to 20 cm in wrist (circumference).
The Thickness of wire plaiting is approx. 6,2 mm, mine is made entirely of fine and sterling silver.
I felt compelled to write a review because it is such a wonderful piece, a true piece of functional art work. Flexible and yet durable, like a true arm ring fit for a norseman. I wear mine every day, and it has already had many people asking where i bought it.

I highly recommend both the quality and craftsmanship put into this item.


and if you think the quality of the bracelet is stunning, look at a couple of Greg Thorkils helmets.

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