Finishing the Long War — On parting with old friends

My Fav Author, talking about one of my Fav series…. the end is nigh… but what an ending it will be.

With Pen and Sword

A long, long time ago, in what sometimes seems like a different world, I sat down, full of passion, to write the book that eventually became ‘Killer of Men.’  And today, in a coffee shop, I sat down to write the last lines in what will probably be the last book of the Long War series.  Six books.  About a million words, and almost ten years.


It was the most exciting intellectual journey of my life.  It involved more original research than I ever expected to do to write historical fiction.  It changed my philosophy of reenacting; reconstructed my view of the world, altered my own take on philosophy profoundly, and allowed me to drain away some PTSD.  Oh, and I took up a new martial art.

So I hope you will all understand that it took a major effort not to weep as I wrote the last lines.  I…

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