Chris Kuzneski The Hunters (Review)

About the Author

Chris Kuzneski

Chris Kuzneski attended the University of Pittsburgh, where he played football, wrote for three newspapers, and passed most of his classes. He earned a master’s degree in teaching, then taught English for five years before pursuing a career in writing. His first novel, THE PLANTATION, introduced the characters of Payne and Jones, and received rave reviews.

The Hunters: (Publication 3rd Jan 2013)

the hunters

The first in a brand new series from the international bestseller Chris
“If you seek, they will find”

: a team of renegades – an ex-military leader, a historian, a
computer whiz, a weapons expert and a thief – financed by a billionaire
philanthropist are tasked with finding the world’s most legendary treasures.

The Mission: recover a vast Romanian treasure that was
stolen by the Russians nearly a century ago. Fearing a Germany victory in World
War 1, the Romanian government signed a deal to guarantee the safety of the
country’s most valuable artifacts until after the war. In 1916 two treasure
trains full of gold and the most precious objects of the Romanian state –
paintings, jewellery from the Royal family, ancient Dacien artifacts – were sent
to the underground vaults in the Kremlin only to be lost to the Romanian people
forever as Russia severed all diplomatic relations with the country and
scattered the treasure to its outlying regions. With a haul valued at over $3.5
billion dollars, everyone wants to claim the vast treasure but its location has
remained a mystery, until now.

Can the Hunters succeed where all others
have failed?


The Hunters started like many other action thrillers. An introduction to the hero’s who have a certain high level hero skill set and then give them a mission.

What makes a good or a great thriller is making those hero’s into people you like and care about, people who despite their skills seem real.

Add to that a mission that nots too outlandish, but is still of a scale to boggle the mind, just a little. and finally write it with great skill and pace.

There are only a few thriller writers around these days who can do this, some get 2 out of three (and that’s still a great thriller, usually its the outlandish bit and they end up in the cheesy bracket…but they are fun in a different way)

So how does The Hunters stack up? for me it has all 3 of the ingredients needed to make a stunning thriller, and i can see why it has been chosen as his first ever hardback. The book literally explodes into life with a mission impossible style robbery. This is used exceptionally well to hook the reader, but also to then introduce the cast of the book and showcase their skills.

The book then quickly leads on to their true mission, the recovery of the missing Romanian treasure, the wealth of a nation. The backdrop for the story gives the author some stunning scenic imagery to play with which he weaves into the plot with style, and also a sense of love for the land, it wasnt until i had finished that I understood the family connection (the passion showed).

The book / team has humour, history, passion, talent, weapon skills, unarmed combat. It introduces famous figures from history in the Romanovs and also less savoury characters. Secret societies, neo nationalist organisations and all this in the back drop to a massive treasure hunt with an employer who is not all he seems. It leads to one of the best thrillers i have read this year. One of the best things at the end of the book was finding out that this is the start of a whole new series, im always after a good thriller, and now it looks like I have one a year on the way for a while.

So thank you Mr Kuzneski, this is a total hit with me, and I hope a hit with the world of thriller readers. A truly explosive action packed thrill ride of a treasure hunt.

Highly recommended


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